What is gold price today HK?

What is gold price today HK?

Gold Price

Commission-free Gold Price (HKD)
Gold Ingot (per tael) Sell HK$21,020
Buy HK$17,260
Gold Bars (per tael)
Commission-free Gold Price (HKD) Reference Gold Price with Commission* (HKD)

Which bank sells gold in Hong Kong?

We offer different types of gold bullion and gold coins ideal for gifts or investment. These can be purchased and sold at our branch network all over Hong Kong….Gold Bullion Trading Services.

Product Name Fineness Issuer
1 Tael 9999 Gold Bullion 99.99% Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited

How can I buy physical gold in Hong Kong?

You can buy gold at the banks or major jewellery shops or gold dealers such as Hang Seng Bank and Chow Tai Fook. Different banks and jewellery shops offer different products. If you’re looking to buy gold coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf, you can find them at some certain banks in Hong Kong.

Is Hong Kong gold real?

Hong Kong real jewelry shopping is mainly for 24 carat gold (the highest purity of gold), white gold, diamonds, jade and collectible watches. The gold sold in Hong Kong is called “Chuk Kam” and has a dull color.

How much is 24k gold per gram in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live

Gold Rates Hong Kong Gold Price per Gram [HKD] in Hong Kong dollar High
Gold Rate per Gram 24k 482.41 485.33
Gold Rate per Gram 22k 442.85 445.53
Gold Rate per Gram 18k 361.81 364.00
Gold Rate per Gram 14k 282.21 283.92

Can I buy gold from HSBC bank?

With HSBC Gold Account and Silver Account, you may buy/sell gold and/or silver in grams. You may also manage your investments with gold time deposit accounts. You may easily invest in gold and silver with no risk of theft, loss and fraud; similar to foreign currency exchange transactions.

Which bank can buy gold?

Enjoy the convenience of trading gold and managing your Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA) online* via Maybank2u. You can also purchase gold with your Maybank Debit and Credit Card at all Maybank branches.

How much is a Hang Seng bullion bar worth?

Hang Seng Logo Gold Bar. (Bullion, 1 oz) 1 oz. 13,130. 13,220. Bullion. Hang Seng Logo Gold Bar. (Bullion, 1 g) 1 g.

Is it safe to invest in Hang Seng FX and precious metal?

Hang Seng FX and Precious Metal Margin Trading Services can leverage your capital up to 15 times, investment amount as low as HKD25,000. Investment involves risks. The risk of loss in leveraged foreign exchange and precious metal trading can be substantial. Get the latest gold prices and trade Paper Gold with ease via Hang Seng Personal e-Banking.

Who is the new CEO of Hang Seng Bank?

Margaret Kwan Wing Han, executive director and the head of Hang Seng’s wealth and personal banking business, will serve as acting CEO during her absence, the bank said in a stock exchange filing. Shares of Hang Seng Bank declined by as much as 1 per cent amid an advancing market in Hong Kong.

What are the biggest lenders in Hong Kong?

Livi Bank, a virtual bank co-owned by Bank of China (Hong Kong), ranks second in the city, while Hang Seng Bank, a traditional lender that has aggressively promoted digital banking in recent years, takes the third spot. HSBC Hong Kong, the biggest lender in the city, came fourth in the BSBR vs. HSNGY: Which Stock Should Value Investors Buy Now?