What is a DevClass?

What is a DevClass?

DevClass is a news and analysis site published by Situation Publishing and produced by the content team behind the Continuous Lifecycle, Serverless Computing and MCubed conferences.

What is device class in TSM?

A device class represents a set of storage devices with similar availability, performance, and storage characteristics. Each device that is defined to TivoliĀ® Storage Manager is associated with one device class.

What is device classes?

A device class, or more precisely, a device security class, is a statement of the security requirements for a device in terms of its requirements for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, expressed as LOW, MODERATE or HIGH ratings for each of the three.

How do I add a library to TSM?


  1. Create a tape library.
  2. Define a path from the server to the tape library.
  3. Define a drive for the library.
  4. Define a path from the server to the drive you defined.
  5. Define a device class for the drives.
  6. Add tape volumes to the inventory for the library.
  7. Create the primary tape storage pool.

What are class 3 devices?

Class III medical devices are those devices that have a high risk to the patient and/or user. These devices usually sustain or support life, are implanted, or present potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury. They represent 10% of medical devices regulated by the FDA.

What are class I II and III medical devices?

Class I devices present minimal harm to the patient and are generally simple in design, while class II poses a higher degree of risk. Class III applies to the high-risk types of medical devices that are deemed very important to health or sustaining life.

What is a Class 1 device?

Class 1. The FDA defines Class I devices as devices “not intended for use in supporting or sustaining life or of substantial importance in preventing impairment to human health, and they may not present a potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury.”

Is a ventilator a Class 3 medical device?

Examples of Class III Medical Devices: Defibrillators. High-frequency ventilators. Cochlear implants.

What is a Class 2 device?

Class II medical devices are those devices that have a moderate to high risk to the patient and/or user. 43% of medical devices fall under this category. Most medical devices are considered Class II devices. Examples of Class II devices include powered wheelchairs and some pregnancy test kits.

What is 510k certification?

A 510(k) is a premarket submission made to FDA to demonstrate that the device to be marketed is as safe and effective, that is, substantially equivalent, to a legally marketed device (section 513(i)(1)(A) FD&C Act).