Is timecrimes a good movie?

Is timecrimes a good movie?

Having proved their worth in the horror genre (with recent gems such as REC and THE ORPHANAGE), the Spanish now show their hand at the science fiction genre as well, with pleasing results. TIMECRIMES is one of those low budget movies, made with a small cast on a small set, that it’s best to go in knowing little about.

What is the story of timecrimes?

Nacho Vigalondo’s time-travel thriller opens with Hector spying on a beautiful woman undressing in the woods near his property. Investigating, he finds her assaulted and he in turn is attacked by a man whose head is swathed in bandages. Fleeing, Hector encounters a scientific facility where a scientist persuades him to hide in a time machine. Travelling back in time just a few hours, he observes himself.Los Cronocrimenes (Timecrimes) / Film synopsis

How long is timecrimes?

1h 32mLos Cronocrimenes (Timecrimes) / Running time

Is Mirage a horror movie?

Mirage (Spanish: Durante la tormenta) is a 2018 mystery-drama film co-written and directed by Oriol Paulo and starring Adriana Ugarte. The movie was released in Spain in 2018 and worldwide, through Netflix, on March 22, 2019.

What language is time crimes?

SpanishLos Cronocrimenes (Timecrimes) / LanguageSpanish is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family that evolved from colloquial spoken Latin in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Today, it is a global language with nearly 500 million native speakers, mainly in the Americas and Spain. Wikipedia

Is Mirage worth watching?

A movie well worth watching having the same touch and profoundness of other Paulo Oriol works in the field of mystery and drama with the addition this time of loads of fantastic fantasy sewn into the multi-faceted layers of the storyline.

Who played Nico in Mirage?

Julio Bohigas-Couto
Mirage (2018) – Julio Bohigas-Couto as Nico Lasarte (12) – IMDb.

Is Mirage a scary movie?

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Mirage’, Netflix’s Spanish-Language Thriller About Time Travel and Missing Kids. Mirage on Netflix combines the emotional horror of a missing child saga with a crazy sci-fi twist.

What did Nico tell himself in Mirage?

Once inside the house, Nico hides under a bed and watches Angel chop up and leave with Weiss in a suitcase. He also finds Clara’s watch and takes it with him. Nico informs his mother and then the cops. But he’s a young kid, and along with the murder, he mentions the woman from the future on the TV warning him.

How was Nico alive at the end of Mirage?

Wanting to reunite with her daughter, Vera urges Nico to correct the timeline. She then ends her life in the second timeline by jumping off the roof of the apartment building, she and Nico are standing on together. When she wakes up, Vera’s previous life has gotten restored, and an adult Nico is still alive.

Is mirage worth watching?

Who played Nico in mirage?