What is a spread footing in construction?

What is a spread footing in construction?

Definition of spread footing : a footing in building construction that is shallow in proportion to its width and is usually made of reinforced concrete.

What is a spread footing used for?

Spread footings are used to support a foundation or set of piers below a building. To add additional support, spread footings are constructed with concrete and reinforced with steel.

What are the 4 types of footings?

Types of footings:

  • Wall footing/strip footing.
  • Spread Footings.
  • Isolated footings.
  • Stepped footings.
  • Combined footings.
  • Sloped footings.
  • Mat or raft foundation.
  • Strapped footings.

What are 3 types of footings?

There are three different types of shallow footings commonly used: individual, strip and raft footings.

What are stepped footings?

Definition of stepped footing : a footing in which the desired width is secured by a series of steps in about the proportion of one unit of horizontal dimension to two units of vertical dimension.

What is simple spread footing?

A type of footing is used in which the width of the foundation is less compare to the width and it is spread over a large area of foundation to transfer the column and structure load to the soil below the foundation safely.

Where is combined footing used?

Combined footing is used while construction of two or more columns when they are close to each other and their foundations overlap. The main purpose of using combined footing is to distribute uniform pressure under the footing.

What is a stepped foundation?

Stepped Footings allow depth of footings to transition from one elevation to another.

What is footing draw different types of footings?

Individual footing or isolated footing. Combined footing. Strip foundation. Raft or mat foundation….The different types of footings used in construction are described below:

  • Continuous Wall Footing.
  • Isolated Footing.
  • Combined Footing.
  • Strip Footing.
  • Strap Footing.
  • Raft Footing.
  • Pile Footing.

What stepped foundation?

A foundation cut in a series of steps in a sloping bearing stratum, to prevent sliding when subject to the bearing load.