How do you take care of a moss fern?

How do you take care of a moss fern?


  1. Keep soil moist, not wet. Ferns like humid, moist environments so their soil needs to reflect this.
  2. Find indirect light. Ferns like low light conditions.
  3. Use free draining soil. Porous, organic compost or soil is best.
  4. Keep ferns happy. Cut back damaged fronds to encourage new growth.

How do you care for indoor club moss?

Club Moss, Spike Moss Indoors (Selaginella species)

  1. Plant Feed. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly.
  2. Watering. Keep soil evenly moist.
  3. Soil. Best in organic-rich, well-drained soil.
  4. Basic Care Summary. Keep soil evenly moist. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during active growth. Keep away from drafts.

Does club moss need sunlight?

Growing Tips for Clubmoss Light: Moderate light. Keep it out of direct sunlight, which can scorch foliage.

How often should I water my club moss?

1. Wash club moss once per week during warm weather, using a hose with a spray nozzle to evenly moisten the moss. Increase watering to at least twice per week in hot, dry weather.

Why is my moss dying?

Browning or yellowing moss is usually a sign of either too little, or too much water. Gently touch your moss to see if it’s wet or dry. If it’s dry, mist it with some distilled water. If it’s wet, the brown spots are probably rotted and should be removed.

How fast does club moss spread?

Growth Rate Clubmosses are extremely slow growing plants and rely on mycorrhizal fungi to aid in nutrition and to complete their life cycle and growth. It may take as many as 20 years to make another mature plant from spore production and spreading.

How fast does club moss grow?

It can take up to 20 years for a clubmoss to mature and produce spores. Clubmosses have adapted to this setback by originating new above-ground plants through underground stems, allowing for faster growth — a strategy used by many other plants as well, such as quaking aspen (see Succession station).

Can you transplant club moss?

It can take years for spores to establish themselves as plants, and fan clubmoss can be quite tricky to propagate or transplant. However, transplanting is best successful if plants are deeply dug up to include a large clump of soil surrounding the plant, taking special care not to disturb roots.

What happens when moss turns brown?

Should you remove moss from plant pots?

When is Moss Bad for Potted Plants? If moss becomes dense and grows over the top of your potted plant, it can keep water from reaching the soil; this causes the soil to dry out and rob the roots of nutrients. Your potted plant may become limp and even die if you don’t remove the moss.