What did Diego do to Violetta?

What did Diego do to Violetta?

Episode – The Dieletta episode could be episode 20 because they had their first kiss in that episode, even though Diego forced Violetta into kissing him. The episodes 39 and 40 are also Dieletta episodes because they had their second and third kisses in those episodes, and after that, they started dating.

Who is Diego’s dad Violetta?

father Gregorio Casal
Diego Hernández is one of the main antagonists in Season 2, along with his best friend, Ludmila, and his father Gregorio Casal. He comes from Spain, but he is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Who is Gregorio spy in Violetta?

He uses students such as Andres and Broduey to do his dirty work. He only does this by blackmailing them. He did this to Andres by threatening him that he will tell everybody about him pranking Ludmila. Later, he uses Broduey as his new spy, but later, his friends convince him to stop being Gregorio’s spy.

What episode does Diego and Violetta date?

episode 39/40
A lot of the reason Violetta likes Diego is because he was there in her moment of weakness (Her and Leon ending) which Diego himself exacerbates. In episode 39/40, they kissed again and started their relationship.

Who is Diego Hernández Violetta?

You can help the Violetta Wiki by expanding it. Diego Hernández is one of the main antagonists and later protagonist in the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta. In Season 2, he pretends to be in love with Violetta Castillo, so that Ludmila Ferro can carry out her plan to destroy Violetta.

Why did Diego and Violetta break up?

During the trip to Spain for the YouMix awards, Leon and Francesca find out about Diego and Ludmila’s plan and tell Violetta about it. This leads to their break-up, which leaves both Violetta and Diego heartbroken because Diego has fallen in love with Violetta for good.

What is Diego’s plan to destroy Violetta?

He tries everything to win her heart, and for a while, he seems sincere, until his plan is revealed. Diego is an old friend of Ludmila’s, and together they plan to destroy Violetta and make sure she leaves the Studio. But Violetta is completely in the dark about this, and she still believes that Diego truly loves her.

Who is León from Violetta?

He was the first Mexican to appear in Violetta. The other two Mexicans in Violetta are Marco and DJ. In Spanish, his name is spelled León which means “lion”, which could be why Ludmila gave him that nickname. His last name was confirmed to be Vargas by one of the producers of Violetta.