How do you get to the negative level in Super Mario Bros?

How do you get to the negative level in Super Mario Bros?

The player can get to the Minus World by going to World 1-2 and standing on the pipe that leads to the Goal Pole at the end of the level. Then, they should move to the far left end of the pipe, then duck while facing left. While ducking, the player should jump.

What is the Minus World in Super Mario Bros?

The Minus World (Japanese: マイナスワールド) is a glitched level found in the 1985 video game Super Mario Bros. It can be encountered by maneuvering the protagonist, Mario, in a particular way to trick the game into sending them to the wrong area.

What is the hardest level in Mario?

Super Mario: The 10 Hardest Levels Ever

  • 4 World C-3 (Super Mario Bros.
  • 5 World 5-1 (Super Mario Bros.
  • 6 8-Airship (Super Mario Bros.
  • 7 World 9-7 (New Super Mario Bros.
  • 8 7-Castle (New Super Mario Bros.
  • 9 Champion’s Road (Super Mario 3D World)
  • 10 Grandmaster Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Is SMG4 part of Minus World?

Members of the Minus World include Nathaniel Bandy, Nicobbq, Nintendrew, Charriii5, TetraBitGaming, DPadGamer, SwankyBox, Simpleflips, and Luke and Kevin from SMG4 and Hobo Bros. The group plays a wide variety of video games.

Is Minus World in All Stars?

Minus World is a glitch level in Super Mario Bros., but was fixed in subsequent releases in titles such as Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, but was kept in the Classic NES Series version. The Minus World is among the most popular glitches in video games.

What is TetraBitGaming real name?

Jasper “Jas
Jasper “Jas”, better known online as TetraBitGaming, is a Canadian YouTuber known for his Nintendo game-related videos.

What is the most difficult Super Mario level?

10 Most Difficult Super Mario Levels Of All Time. 1 10 New Super Mario Bros. Wii, 6-6. 6-6 is a challenging level that takes place in an underground cavern. Using the Wii remote as a controller, the 2 9 Super Mario Bros. 3, 7-7. 3 8 Super Mario World, Soda Lake. 4 7 Super Mario Bros 3, 8-1. 5 6 Super Mario Bros. 2, 5-1.

Are there any levels in Super Mario Galaxy that you can’t complete?

Here are more levels that even long-time Super Mario fans have trouble completing. Super Mario Galaxy introduced unique mechanics into the franchise and many challenging levels that wouldn’t be possible in other Super Mario games.

What is the last level in New Super Mario Bros DS?

7-Castle is the last level in World 7 in New Super Mario Bros. DS. This level has the boss Lakithunder; it rides a cloud that shoots lightning under it. Lakithunder also throws Spinies at you while your in the level.

Can you do the minus world trick in Super Mario Bros 35?

In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Super Mario Bros. 35, the ability to perform the trick has been removed entirely. However, the glitch remains in the Virtual Console releases as they are a direct emulation of the original game. If one uses a gaming tool that can set the level that Mario is on, the Minus World goes all the way to -9.