Who is the Top 10 DJ in the India?

Who is the Top 10 DJ in the India?

Top 10 DJs In India That Will Make You Sway To Their Beats

  1. Nucleya. Nucleya and Indian EDM artist.
  2. DJ Chetas. Dj chetas is a Bollywood Dj and a Music Producer who has performed various events and worked with some leading artists of the industry.
  3. DJ Ma Faiza.
  4. DJ Suketu Radia.
  5. DJ Nyk.
  6. DJ Aqeel.
  7. Progressive Brothers.
  8. DJ Sartek.

How much is a DJ paid?

How much money does a DJ make? According to 1, the median wage for a DJ is approximately $49 an hour. The salary range for DJs runs from approximately $21,100 to $221,000+. Of course, superstar DJs like The Chainsmokers can make up to $46 million annually, according to Forbes 2.

How do I start my DJ career?

The 5 Best Ways to Become a DJ

  1. Choose Your Medium and Build Your Music Collection.
  2. Learn About the Different Types of DJs.
  3. Study Some Basic DJing Skills.
  4. Explore the Various Software Tools Used by the Top Professional DJs.

Which is the best DJ service in Mumbai?

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Where can I find the Best Mobile Disco equipment in Mumbai?

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What can you do with a DJing degree?

Skilled in Djing for Corporate events, private parties, wedding parties, Christian weddings and events. Genre’s of music like Retro, Hip Hop, Commercial, Bollywood, EDM, Deep House to name few. (Show more) (Show less)