Does the ML320 have a turbo?

Does the ML320 have a turbo?

Mercedes Benz ML320 Turbocharger FOR SALE Contrary to popular belief, Mercedes Benz does not make their own Turbocharger. A third party actually manufactures and sells these factory Turbochargers directly to Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz then installs these Turbochargers in your ML320 at the factory assembly line.

How many miles can a Mercedes ml320 last?

How Long Do Mercedes ML350 Engines Last? The Mercedes ML350 engine is expected to last over 200,000 miles on average provided its properly maintained.

What are the problems with the Mercedes ML320 ml280 CDI?

Mercedes ML320 ML280 CDI Turbo Turbocharger Problem Replacement Fitting Reconditioning Repair Birmingham West Midlands Coventry UK Hello! This Mercedes comes with suspected turbocharger failure. The car was sluggish, while accelerate engine makes a whining noise and recently the car was started to go into limp mode.

Should I get rid of my ML320?

I got rid of the old 2008 ML320 – the best thing I’ve done in a while. It started exhibiting transmission issues, steering box oil leakage, systemic mis-alignment and a re-occuring burning smell from the front end. It’s just not worth it for out-of-pocket repairs.

Where can I Donate my Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI?

Donate your MERCEDES-BENZ ML320 CDI! Is it time to move on? Support NPR & the programs you love. Donate your old car in minutes through the CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program. Click on a category below for details.

How does the ml500 compare to the 99 ML320?

The 99 ML320 had a lot of early warranty work done, but the ML500 had less with only a steering rack and pinion replacement in year 5 just before the extended warranty expired. In addition I also have paid for rust repairs from driving them extensively in PA winters, though I have been satisfied with that because of their competence and safety.