Are crappie biting on Lake Jordan in NC?

Are crappie biting on Lake Jordan in NC?

Crappie stack up in deep water during cold weather. When water temperatures reach their lowest levels in January, Jordan Lake’s crappie also reach their deepest depths. Freddie Sinclair of Clayton, NC isn’t bothered by that. If you find the baitfish, usually the crappie will be bunched up with them in good numbers.”

What is the best time to fish for crappie in NC?

Crappie, also known as speckled perch in the piedmont area of North Carolina, are fun to catch and great to eat. They can be caught year round, but the best daytime fishing is in the spring and fall when large schools move to shallow water.

What’s biting at Jordan Lake?

Bass and crappie dominate the attention of anglers at Jordan Lake. This is a 14,000-acre reservoir in the north-central part of the state, with a mixed variety of fish species to appeal to anyone who enjoys fresh-water fishing. Along with sunfish, striped bass, white bass and catfish round out the fishing options.

Is there a size limit on crappie in NC?

0306 – CRAPPIE (a) There is no daily creel limit for Crappie, except for waters identified in Paragraphs (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f) of this Rule. There is no minimum size limit for these fish, except for waters identified in Paragraphs (d), (e), and (f). There is no closed season.

Where can I catch crappie in NC?

In North Carolina, the black crappie flourishes in Piedmont reser- voirs and Coastal Plain rivers. The white crappie flourishes in the cloudy, muddy reservoirs of the Yadkin River watershed. Range Map Crappie are among the most fished-for species throughout North Carolina.

Can you fish at Jordan Lake NC?

Jordan Lake has become one of North Carolina’s premiere fisheries. There are seven main species of game fish including largemouth bass, crappie, striper, hybrids, bream, catfish, and white perch. Underwater stumps, logs and rocks help create a very good environment.