What state has the highest paid diesel mechanic?

What state has the highest paid diesel mechanic?

Detailed List Of Diesel Mechanic Salaries By State

Rank State Adjusted Salary
1 Wyoming $60,076
2 Nevada $53,533
3 North Dakota $52,012
4 Illinois $51,849

Is being a diesel technician worth it?

Becoming a diesel mechanic is a good career move for those who are interested in mechanics and want to start a job that offers the opportunity for satisfying work, as well as a solid entry-level paycheck.

Is it difficult to be a diesel mechanic?

Ultimately, it’s not too hard to become a diesel mechanic. If you have good mechanical skills, are detail-oriented, and like working with diesel engines and large equipment, the job can be a good fit for you.

What is the fastest trade to learn?

Fast Track Certificates – Trades You Can Learn in 6 Months or Less

  • Flight Attendant. 2020 Median Salary: $59,050. Quickest Program Length: 3 weeks.
  • Electrician. 2020 Median Salary: $56,900.
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers. 2020 Median Salary: $50,590.
  • Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide.

What are the cons of being a diesel mechanic?

5 cons of being a diesel mechanic

  • Messy work. Working on diesel engines can be messy because technicians work with substances like oils and rust, which can transfer onto their hands and clothes.
  • May require more education.
  • Dangerous work.
  • Physically demanding work.
  • Long hours.

What is the hardest part of being a diesel mechanic?

Physical Strain and Discomfort. Diesel mechanics frequently have to lift heavy parts and maneuver them into place. They may also have to move heavy equipment into position to reach vehicles they’re working on. In addition, accessing some parts requires twisting, bending, stretching or stooping.

How can I make 80K a year without a degree?

Jobs That Pay 80k a Year Without a Degree

  1. Commercial Pilot. Median pay: $121,430 per year.
  2. Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager. Median pay: $94,560 per year.
  3. First-Line Supervisor of Police and Detectives. Median pay: $91,090 per year.
  4. Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairer. Median pay: $84,990 per year.

What is the average salary of a diesel technician?

These charts show the average base salary (core compensation), as well as the average total cash compensation for the job of Diesel Mechanic, Sr. in the United States. The base salary for Diesel Mechanic, Sr. ranges from $54,762 to $64,752 with the average base salary of $59,318.

How much does a diesel mechanic make per hour?

How much does a Diesel Mechanic, Sr. make hourly in the United States? The average hourly wage for a Diesel Mechanic, Sr. in the United States is $29 as of December 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $27 and $32.

What does a diesel mechanic do?

Deep Sea,Great Lakes,and Coastal Water Transportation.…

  • Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)…
  • Express Delivery and Courier Services.…
  • Electric Power Generation,Distribution,and Transmission Services.…
  • Scientific Research and Development Services.…
  • Mechanic Trades Training.
  • What do diesel mechanics make?

    $1,028 in bonuses,on average

  • $1,030 in profit sharing,on average
  • $4,913 in commissions,on average