Why is triphenylmethyl cation stable?

Why is triphenylmethyl cation stable?

Triphenylmethyl cation is very stable because the +ve charge of methyl carbon is delocalised in three phenyl rings. In each phenyl ring, +ve charge is developed on 2 ortho position and para position, i.e. three resonating structures. Thus, the total resonating structures given by triphenylmethyl cation are nine.

What Carbellation is propeller shaped?

The propeller blades of the triphenylmethyl carbocation can be oriented in one of two ways (clockwise or counterclockwise).

How many resonance structures does the Triphenylmethyl carbocation have?

The triphenylmethyl cation has ten resonance contributors, so it is the most stable carbocation.

What is ph3c?

A trityl group in organic chemistry is a triphenylmethyl group Ph3C, e.g. triphenylmethyl chloride (trityl chloride) and the triphenylmethyl radical (trityl radical).

Why is tropylium cation more stable than Triphenylmethyl carbocation?

The tropylium cation is more stable than triphenylmethyl carbocation. This is so because tropylium cation is the aromatic compound. Explanation: The aromatic compound is defined as the compounds that obey the Huckel’s rule.

How would you explain the unusual stability of triphenylmethyl radical?

The stability of radicals can also be increased by aromatic substituents at the radical carbon atom. The central radical carbon atom of the triphenylmethyl radical, for instance, carries three phenyl groups. Therefore, the radical is highly resonance-stabilized.

Why is tropylium cation more stable than triphenylmethyl carbocation?

Which of the structures is the most stable cation?

The carbocation bonded to three alkanes (tertiary carbocation) is the most stable, and thus the correct answer. Secondary carbocations will require more energy than tertiary, and primary carbocations will require the most energy.

Which is triphenyl methane dye?

triphenylmethane dye, any member of a group of extremely brilliant and intensely coloured synthetic organic dyes having molecular structures based upon that of the hydrocarbon triphenylmethane.

What is the use of triphenylmethane?

production of dyes upon that of the hydrocarbon triphenylmethane. They have poor resistance to light and to chemical bleaches and are used chiefly in copying papers, in hectograph and printing inks, and in textile applications for which lightfastness is not an important requirement.

Why is tropylium cation more stable?

Coming to the point ,tropylium cation is most stable of the cations you have listed because of extended conjugation and resonance . Tropylium cation is more stable than benzyl cation simply because it has seven resonating structures while benzyl cation has five. More the resonating structures , more the stability.

Why tropylium cation is more stable than benzyl cation?

The more number of the resonating structure increases its stability concerning benzylic cation. Along with the resonance, the Tropylium ions follow the Huckle rule of aromaticity. The vacant p orbital of Tropylium ion is parallel to the p-orbitals of pi bonds. The Tropylium ion is more stable than the benzylic cation.