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Why is my pygmy hedgehog wobbly?

Why is my pygmy hedgehog wobbly?

Males and females are equally affected. It often starts with ataxia (loss of full control) or paresis (muscular weakness caused by nerve damage or disease) in the hind legs. This is most evident initially by the “wobble” the hedgehog has when it is trying to stand still.

How can I help my hedgehog with wobbly hedgehog syndrome?

Treatment for WHS is supportive care; helping the hedgehog remain upright using towels, making food and water easier to access or hand feeding, and cleaning after the hedgehog as soiled itself. There is no cure for WHS. Prognosis is grave and euthanasia is recommended when quality of life is poor.

Do hedgehogs have seizures?

Neurological Diseases Commonly referred to as “wobbly hedgehog syndrome,” hedgehogs can develop a neurological disease that causes them to, well – wobble. Ataxia progresses to falling over, being unable to right themselves, seizures, and eventually paralysis with many other symptoms in between.

Do hedgehogs wobble when they walk?

If hedgehogs are wobbling as they walk there is something wrong. Some exceptions being a mum nest building or taking a break from the nest or any adult that has been disturbed and is seeking safety. These hedgehogs will be healthy looking and walking with ‘purpose’.

Why is my hedgehog shaking and hissing?

When they are brought into a new and unfamiliar environment or when they are in anxiety, they will naturally curl up and start hissing. Not because they are angry but is more likely due to being scared or anxious. So when you experience something like that, be very patient with them.

Why is my hedgehog shaking?

There are two main causes for a hedgehog that is shaking, and both of them are equally as problematic. Shaking can happen if your hedgehog is attempting to go into hibernation, and shaking can happen if your hedgehog develops a neurological condition known as Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS).

Why is my hedgehog acting weird?

If your hedgehog is acting sluggish, lethargic, uncoordinated or they are wobbly with the inability to move limbs; it may be a hibernation attempt. Some hedgehog owners fear the worst – Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome – which is a definite death sentence. Between the two, you can determine hedgehog hibernation quite easily.

How do hedgehogs get wobbly hedgehog syndrome?

Wobbly hedgehog syndrome (WHS) is a progressive, degenerative, neurological disease of the African pygmy hedgehog. The cause is believed to be genetic. Nearly 10 percent of pet African pygmy hedgehogs are affected, due to their limited bloodlines.

How does a hedgehog get wobbly hedgehog syndrome?

Do hedgehogs wobble when cold?

Hedgehogs do wobble when they are cold. Wobbling is a sign that your hedgehogs’ body temperature has dropped below its average body temperature of 95F to 98F, and because of this, a hedgehog may be attempting hibernation. A hibernation attempt can be fatal for a hedgehog living in captivity.