Why is my Medtronic pain pump beeping?

Why is my Medtronic pain pump beeping?

A single beep, repeating about once every hour, sounds when the amount of medication in the pump is getting low. Call your doctor right away to schedule a refill appointment. The single beep will also sound if your pump needs to be replaced within 90 days. Call your doctor.

How often does a pain pump need to be replaced?

The medication in your pump will need to be refilled every 4 to 6 weeks by your pain doctor. You will need to make appointments with your pain doctor for your refills. Call your pain doctor’s office 1 week before your refill appointment so that your medication can be ordered in time.

Can a pain pump malfunction?

Device-related complications can be due to a malfunction of the pump or the catheter. Pump-related complications are relatively rare.

Can you fly with a Medtronic pain pump?

Your pump might set off the airport’s metal detectors, so you’ll need to bring your Medtronic pump identification card in case you need to show it to airport security. The metal detectors won’t interfere with the functioning of your pump.

What is ITB pump?

An intrathecal baclofen (ITB) pump is a device that’s surgically implanted to deliver baclofen medication directly into spinal fluid. ITB therapy helps reduce spasticity by allowing muscles to relax—it’s a treatment to relieve spasms, reduce abnormal movements and improve motor function.

What medication is used in a pain pump?

An intrathecal pump or a “pain pump” is a device that delivers small quantities of pain medication such as morphine or baclofen, directly to the spinal fluid. When delivered in small doses, pain medications may minimize the side effects often experienced with larger oral doses of the same medications.

What are the side effects of a pain pump?

Side effects from the drugs (over- or underdose) may include respiratory depression, twitching, muscle spasm, urinary retention, constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, depression, and edema.

How do I know if my pain pump is working?

How can I tell if my pump is working? The ON-Q* pumps flow at various flow rates as prescribed by your surgeon or anesthesiologist. After 24 hours of infusion enough of the medication should be emptied from the pump to start to seeing wrinkling in the outer cover of the balloon.

Does a pain pump make you tired?

Giving medications, like opioids, through a pain pump gives superior pain relief and reduces side effects (nausea, constipation, drowsiness).

What is the Medtronic synchromed II pump?

The Medtronic SynchroMed™ II pump is part of the SynchroMed II programmable drug infusion system which provides precise drug delivery for chronic therapy for severe spasticity.

How do I ensure my pump does not run out of intrathecal?

One of your most important responsibilities during treatment is to make sure your pump does not run out of Lioresal ® Intrathecal (baclofen injection). The best way to ensure this is to attend all your refill appointments. The pump must be refilled on time to avoid loss of therapy, causing a potentially life threatening emergency.

What are alertalerts and alarms on my pump?

Alerts & Alarms. Alarms: An alarm warns you that the pump detected something that prevents insulin from being delivered. An alarm means that insulin delivery stopped, the pump has been placed in Attention mode, and a solid circle displays on the pump screen. It is important that you respond to an alarm.

How should the patient be monitored following pump implantation and adjustment?

Following pump implantation, and for each adjustment of the dosing rate of the pump and/or concentration of Lioresal ® Intrathecal, the patient should be monitored closely until it is certain the patient’s response to the infusion is acceptable and reasonably stable.