Why is my magicJack plus not working?

Why is my magicJack plus not working?

Unplug your modem/router from the electrical outlet for approximately 1 minute and then plug it back in. Plug your modem/router back in and wait approximately 2-3 minutes before plugging anything else back in. Plug your magicJack device back into the modem/router, telephone.

How do you reset magicJack plus?

How to Reset the Magic Jack

  1. Unplug the Magic Jack device from the USB port or USB hub to your computer. Video of the Day.
  2. Shut down the Magic Jack software in your computer.
  3. Plug the Magic Jack device back into the USB port or USB hub which is connected to your computer.
  4. Restart the Magic Jack software on your computer.

How do I update my magicJack plus firmware?

  1. Download the new firmware updater here.
  2. Plug the magicJack device into Mac computer (do not unplug until Step 5)
  3. Double-click the firmware file you just downloaded “mjisoupdate.dmg”
  4. Terminal will indicate the upgrade process has started, the upgrade process should take less than one minute.

How long does it take for magicJack to start working?

How long does it take to install magicJack and start making calls? After you plug magicJack in for the very first time. You can begin using your magicJack service within minutes.

How do I fix the sound on my magicJack?

magicJack: How to Fix No Sound

  1. Check to make sure the device is properly connected to your computer.
  2. Check the volume settings on your telephone to ensure the volume is not muted.
  3. Open the sound menu on your computer by right clicking on the volume icon on your menu bar.

How do I fix the sound on my Magic Jack?

Why does my magicJack say no audio found?

No Audio Found! This is caused by a new Windows security feature that deny microphone access by default to any applications. Then turn on “Allow Access” and if required, “Allow App” for specific application you may require.

How to fix magicJack Plus power adapter problem?

Unplug your magicJack and turn your modem and router (if applicable) off. Wait 3 minutes before turning your modem and router back on, and plug your magicJack back in. Unplug your magicJack and turn your modem and router (if applicable) off.

How to install magicJack Plus?

Insert the MagicJack Plus device into an available USB port on your computer.

  • Connect your telephone to the other end of the MagicJack Plus device using a phone cable (RJ11).
  • Click on the button labeled “Click Here Now,” then follow the on-screen prompts to register your MagicJack Plus.
  • How to use magicJack Plus without a PC?

    The magicJack PLUS will be officially available this week on

  • Number porting capability will be included.
  • The magicJack PLUS will be sold for$69.95 but all current users of the original magicJack will be able to upgrade for only 50% of that cost for 60 days.
  • Renewal will remain at the$29.95 annual rate.
  • How to activate magicJack?

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