Why is it better to go to a community college first then University?

Why is it better to go to a community college first then University?

The Pros of Attending a Community College Before a University. Some benefits include lower tuition, smaller class sizes, a supportive academic and social community, and a flexible offering of courses including night classes. Many students choose to live at home, saving them money on room and board costs.

Is it better to start off at a community college?

The biggest advantage to starting at a two-year college is the fact that you pay much less as compared to other institutions. The average per-credit cost at a two-year public school is $135 — less than half the $325 per credit at a four-year public school.

What is the highest ranked community college?

The Ohio State University – Agricultural Technical Institute #1 Best Community Colleges in America.

What are the negatives of community college?

These cons of community college may affect your decision, depending on what you plan to do during your college years:

  • Lack of Competitive Sports Teams. Community colleges typically don’t have competitive sports teams.
  • Not Likely to Have On-Campus Housing or Meal Plans.
  • You Will Likely Need More Education.

Why you should attend Community College first?

Pros of starting at a community college.

  • Lower costs.
  • Increased flexibility and smaller classes.
  • Work opportunities with a two-year degree.
  • Chance to improve your grades.
  • Cons of starting at a community college.
  • Limited curriculum.
  • Difficulty transferring some credits.
  • Missed social opportunities.
  • Making your choice.
  • What are the best community colleges in the USA?

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    What is the cheapest Community College in America?

    Admission is easier. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores and academic requirements are usually lower for admission to U.S.

  • Costs are lower.
  • Student enrollment in classes,or at the institution in general,is often smaller than at four-year schools.
  • Classroom environments are more supportive.
  • Adjusting is easier.
  • What are the top 10 community colleges in America?

    Guttman Community College

  • College of San Mateo
  • De Anza College
  • State Technical College of Missouri
  • Moorpark College
  • Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
  • Las Positas College
  • Orange Coast College
  • Oakton Community College
  • North Dakota State College of Science