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Why is hydroxyapatite considered a significant bone substitute material?

Why is hydroxyapatite considered a significant bone substitute material?

HA is used as a bone substitute because of its chemical similarities with the natural bone. Because of this close similarity, extensive research is ongoing to use HA as a bone substitute. HA is one of the most stable and less-soluble calcium phosphate bioceramics with Ca/P ratio of 1.67.

What material can replace bone?

Bone substitutes can be broadly categorized into bone grafts (autograft, allograft, xenograft), ceramics (hydroxyapatite, TCP, calcium sulphate) and growth factors (DBM, PRP, BMP’S) [10]. The ideal bone substitute should be biocompatible and not evoke any adverse inflammatory response.

What type of material is hydroxyapatite?

Hydroxyapatite (HA) is an inorganic mineral that has a typical apatite lattice structure as (A10(BO4)6C2) where A, B, and C are defined by Ca, PO4, and OH. Pure HA contains 39.68% by weight calcium and 18% by weight phosphorus resulting in a Ca/P mole ratio of 1.67.

What material is used for bone grafting?

The most commonly used bone graft materials in the United States are allograft, xenograft and autograft. Allograft is the most commonly used bone graft material. Allograft means the bone graft material comes from another human. It is a donor tissue that is very safe to use, and the body receives it very well.

Why is hydroxyapatite important?

Hydroxyapatite: A major component and an essential ingredient of normal bone and teeth. Hydroxyapatite makes up bone mineral and the matrix of teeth. It is hydroxyapatite that gives bones and teeth their rigidity.

Is hydroxyapatite organic or inorganic?

Calcium hydroxyapatite (HA), Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, is an important inorganic material in biology and chemistry.

Can plastic be used to replace bones?

Now, England’s University of Southampton has announced the development of a new type of bone-growing substance, made from plastic. The Southampton material is inserted into broken bones, its honeycomb-shaped internal matrix allowing blood to flow through.

Is calcium phosphate same as hydroxyapatite?

Hydroxyapatite (HAP) has been widely used in bone regeneration. It is a naturally occurring form of calcium phosphate that constitutes the largest amount of inorganic components in human bones [63].

What is bone made of hydroxyapatite?

Up to 50% by volume and 70% by weight of human bone is a modified form of hydroxyapatite, known as bone mineral. Carbonated calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite is the main mineral of which dental enamel and dentin are composed….

Formula mass 502.31 g/mol
Color Colorless, white, gray, yellow, yellowish green

What materials can be used for grafting and bone augmentation?

Common options for bone grafting include:

  • Xenograft Tissue.
  • Alloplast Bone Graft.
  • Autograft Tissue.
  • Allograft Tissue.
  • Growth Factors.

Is synthetic bone graft good?

Synthetic bone grafts are a reliable alternative to using your own bone and are beneficial to patients who have experienced damage and trauma to tissues.