Why is ammonium nitrate dangerous?

Why is ammonium nitrate dangerous?

Although it is not technically classified as an explosive or flammable material, under certain conditions, ammonium nitrate can present a significant explosive threat because it is an oxidizer — an oxygen-rich compound that can accelerate fires or explosions.

What is ammonium nitrate used for?

ammonium nitrate, (NH4NO3), a salt of ammonia and nitric acid, used widely in fertilizers and explosives. The commercial grade contains about 33.5 percent nitrogen, all of which is in forms utilizable by plants; it is the most common nitrogenous component of artificial fertilizers.

What happens if you touch calcium?

Contact with skin will cause irritation and possible corrosion damage. Substance is severely irritating to the eyes and may injure eye tissue if not promptly removed. Acute and Chronic Effects: Calcium will react with water or moisture causing heat.

Is zinc metal flammable?

Hazard Class: 4.3 (Water Reactive) Zinc is a FLAMMABLE POWDER. Use dry chemicals appropriate for extinguishing metal fires. DO NOT USE WATER or FOAM. POISONOUS FUMES ARE PRODUCED IN FIRE, including Zinc Oxides.

What are the dangers of ammonium nitrate?

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  • What is ammonium nitrate and what is it used for?

    What is ammonium nitrate? Ammonium nitrate is a crystal-like white solid which is made in large industrial quantities. Its biggest use is as a source of nitrogen for fertiliser, but it is also used to create explosives for mining.

    What products contain ammonium nitrate?

    – Ham Ham is often the highest source of dietary nitrates. A single 100 g serving of cured ham has as much as 890 mcg of nitrates. – Bacon Bacon has up to 380 mcg of nitrates per 100 g of weight. – Deli Meat Deli meat is another major source of harmful nitrates. – Hot Dogs Hot dogs are one of the most processed sources of meat on the market.

    Why is ammonium nitrate useful as fertilizer?

    Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is the most common use of the compound but it also has a very volatile nature, which makes it useful in certain industries. Using ammonium nitrate in gardens and large scale agricultural fields enhances plant growth and provides a ready supply of nitrogen from which plants can draw.