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Why Firoz Khan changed his name to Arjun?

Why Firoz Khan changed his name to Arjun?

He also explained why he changed his name to Arjun professionally. “Whenever I used to call up a producer, they would think that I’m Feroz Khan. When I would explain to them who I was, they would ask me to call back later and I felt insulted. Chopra saab and Dr Raza recommended that Arjun should be my new name.

Who was the real Arjun in Mahabharat?

From childhood, Arjuna was a brilliant student and was favoured by his beloved teacher, Drona. Arjuna is depicted as a skilled archer, winning the hands of Draupadi, who married the five brothers because of Kunti’s misunderstanding and Mahadeva boons….

Affiliation Pandavas Mahabharata king
Weapon Bow and arrow

Is Fardeen Khan on Instagram?

fardeen feroz khan actor ↩ (@fardeen__khan_actor) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who was older Krishna or Arjun?

Krishna is older than Arjun. According to mahabharat Krishna and Arjun were born on the same day. In Mahabharat, the birth of only two persons are celebrated by gods,Arjun and Krishna.

How old is Firoz Khan?

Firoz Khan was born on 9 January 1962 into a Muslim family. He was a student of Smt. MMK College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Later he went to Oxford University, England from where he completed his studies. He is married to Kashmira.

Who is Arjun Firoz Khan?

Arjun (Firoz Khan) is an Indian film and television actor who is best known for portraying Arjun in B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharat. He was born in a middle-class Muslim family in Mumbai. Arjun Firoz Khan in His Childhood

Did you know that Firoz Khan has a house in Dehradun?

Firoz Khan has often expressed his love for Uttarkhand, and he has a bungalow near Shastradhara in Dehradun where he often pays a visit. [3] Reportedly, it was Gufi Paintal who made him get dressed as Arjun and brought him to B. R. Chopra who finally, selected him for the role.

How many films has Firoz Khan done in his career?

Firoz Khan made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Manzil Manzil’ (1984) alongside Sunny Deol, Dimple Kapadia, and Danny Denzongpa. In this film, he played the role ‘Rupesh.’ Thereafter, he went on to do more than 250 films in his career. [2]