Why did tour of duty end?

Why did tour of duty end?

The show was canceled at the end of this season due to falling ratings.

Why did Eric bruskotter leave tour of duty?

Eric Bruskotter, who played Private Scott Baker, did not return after season 1. There was no reason provided for his character’s sudden disappearance when season 2 began. However during season 3 he had a guest star role as the same character and in the episode a reason was provided.

Who wrote tour of duty theme song?

Mick Jagger
Keith RichardsJoseph Conlan
Tour of Duty/Music composed by

How accurate is tour of duty?

It depicted real events. Tour Of Duty frequently depicted actual events that happened during the Vietnam War, including the raid of Son Tay Prison. And the first story arc of season three dealt with the highly emotional topic of missing in action soldiers.

Who was the female reporter on tour of duty?

The platoon is visited by reporter Vickie Adams.

Who was the female reporter on Tour of Duty?

What is the last episode of Tour of Duty?

Episode 21Tour of Duty / Final episode

How long was a tour of duty in ww2?

The government decided on 12 month tours. Enlisted men served 12 month tour in their jobs, regardless of duty stations. Cooks, medical staff, logistics staff and line troops all served 12 month tours. Offcers also served 12 month tours.

How long was a tour of duty in Vietnam?

one year
A tour of duty in Vietnam for most ground forces lasted one year. Becoming “short” by having less than 100 days left in a tour of duty was a cause for celebration.

Does Netflix have tour of duty?

Rent Tour of Duty (1987) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Which branch of the military has the highest death rate?

The Marine Corps
The Marine Corps experienced the highest fatality rates per 100,000 for all causes (122.5), unintentional injury (77.1), suicide (14.0), and homicide (7.4) of all the services. The Army had the highest disease and illness-related fatality rate (20.2 per 100,000) of all the services.