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Why did Mike Starr get kicked out?

Why did Mike Starr get kicked out?

Mike Starr, their original bassist, who contributed to Facelift as well as the multi-million selling, even more foreboding, follow-up Dirt, was kicked out of the band in early 1993 because of his drug habit and never got his life back on track, despite what an appearance on the third series of Celebrity Rehab With Dr …

What did Mike Starr do after AIC?

After Starr left AIC, he briefly attempted to make a comeback by joining former Black Sabbath members Ray Gillen and Bobby Rondinelli in the new band Sun Red Sun. But tragedy struck again when Gillen died of an AIDS-related disease in 1993.

What ethnicity is Mike Starr?

Michael Starr was born in Flushing, New York, the son of a retail employee mother and a meatpacker father. He is of Irish and Polish descent.

How old is Mike Starr?

44 years (1966–2011)Mike Starr / Age at death

When did Mike leave Alice?

In 1993 he left the group. “It was just a difference in priorities,” lead singer Layne Staley told Rolling Stone in 1994. “We wanted to continue intense touring and press. Mike was ready to go home.” Starr later claimed that he was fired due to his drug addiction.

What drugs killed Mike Starr?

He eventually died of an overdose of heroin and cocaine in 2002 while living as a virtual recluse. Starr had been gone from the group for nearly two decades already, reportedly fired for his inability to manage his own drug habits.

Who died from Alice In Chains?

Layne Staley, the lead singer of the pioneering grunge band Alice in Chains, was found dead on Friday at his home in Seattle. He was 34 years old. Alice in Chains was one of the first grunge bands to gain national attention.

Is Alice in Chains still alive?

What celebrities from Celebrity Rehab have died?

On May 11, 2011, Jeff Conaway was hospitalized for pneumonia, for which he was placed in an induced coma. He was later taken off life support, and died on May 27, 2011. He was the second Celebrity Rehab cast member to die in 2011, following the death of Mike Starr two months prior.

How did Alice In Chains died?

Staley struggled with depression and addiction for much of his adult life and later died from a speedball overdose on April 5, 2002, at the age of 34….

Layne Staley
Staley performing with Alice in Chains in 1992
Background information
Birth name Layne Rutherford Staley
Also known as Layne Elmer

Is Lane Stanley dead?

April 5, 2002Layne Staley / Date of death