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Why did Metallica write so what?

Why did Metallica write so what?

The song was written, according to the band, after sitting in a pub one night and hearing two men try to out do each other with stories of past experiences. The song is therefore a retort to people who tell embellished stories to make themselves appear better than the person they are in conversation with.

What is Metallica’s famous song?

The 20 greatest Metallica songs – ranked

  • 20Spit Out The Bone (Hardwired…
  • 19Sad But True (Metallica, 1991)
  • 18Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Master Of Puppets, 1986)
  • 17The Four Horsemen (Kill ‘Em All, 1983)
  • 16Enter Sandman (Metallica, 1991)
  • 15Seek & Destroy (Kill ‘Em All, 1983)

When did Metallica cover so what?

Originally released by The Anti-Nowhere League in 1981 as a B-side to the Streets of London single, Metallica have already released their version in their 1991’s The Unforgiven single.

Why are Metallica songs about war?

The song is based on the idea of a soldier losing all of his limbs and jaw and being unable to hear, speak, or see, set to a World War I backdrop. In an interview in New Zealand in 1989, Ulrich describes the movie Johnny Got His Gun as having a similar theme, and this was the reason it was incorporated into the video.

Who Wrote Nothing Else Matters by Metallica?

James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Nothing Else Matters/Composers

Did Metallica remake songs?

Metallica Release Garage Inc. The band released a double-covers album, Garage Inc. on Nov. 24, 1998. It consisted of covers of songs by Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, the Misfits and more.

What is so great about Metallica?

The two great things about Metallica were they had good songwriting skills and they were marketed extremely well. The following is absolutely true from the time Metallica came to fame. The new wave of british heavy metal hadn’t completely hit the States mainly due to limited communication.

What is the best Metallica?

James Hetfield – vocals,rhythm guitar,guitar solo on ” Nothing Else Matters “,production

  • Kirk Hammett – lead guitar
  • Jason Newsted – bass guitar
  • Lars Ulrich – drums,percussion,production
  • What is metallica best known for?

    Metallica is an American heavy metal band. The band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles by vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich, and has been based in San Francisco for most of its career. The band’s fast tempos, instrumentals and aggressive musicianship made them one of the founding “big four” bands of thrash metal, alongside Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer.

    What is the most overrated Metallica song?

    What do you guys think the most overrated Metallica song is, and what is the most underrated. I’m not sure about underrated, but in my opinion master of puppets(the song) is a bit overrated. Still good, but there’s a lot of better stuff.