Why did Ezran go to jail?

Why did Ezran go to jail?

THE MYSTICAL SPEAR. With Viren freed thanks to Aaravos corrupting the human alliance, Ezran is put in prison in his place. Viren then takes the alliance to destroy the magical Xadia under Aaravos’ watch, so they can kill off all the remaining elves and dragons.

How old is Callum TDP?


Callum 5 ft 6 in 14
Claudia 5 ft 9 in 16
Gren 6 ft 1 in 24
Ezran 4 ft 7 in 10

Is Dragon Prince Season 4 Cancelled?

Netflix has canceled the animated series “The Dragon Prince” after two seasons. Fans of the show are disappointed and want to know why it was canceled. Read more about it here! The Dragon Prince Season 4 is sure to be one of the most anticipated shows among Netflix users.

Who is Virens wife Dragon Prince?

Viren was one of the first two characters to be created for The Dragon Prince alongside his son Soren, who early in development was split into Soren and Claudia….

Affiliation Kingdom of Katolis
Weapon Relic Staff
Spouse Lissa (ex-wife)
Children Soren (son) Claudia (daughter)

Why can Ezran talk to animals?

Due to being an outcast in his childhood, Ezran generally feels more comfortable around animals, as he finds it easy to see things from their point of view and has developed a certain level of empathy, which allows him to understand their feelings and thoughts.

How many Dragon Prince seasons will there be?

It’s now been close to two years since Netflix renewed The Dragon Prince for additional seasons. Here’s an updated look at what we know so far. The Dragon Prince is returning for a season 4 but not only that, is returning for seasons 5, 6, and 7 too which will round out what is being called The Dragon Prince Saga.

Is Cal the Dragon a nonce?

Cal the Dragon or Callum the Dragon (both are acceptable) is an amateur goalkeeper from Nottingham, UK, who appears to play for Pheonix Inham FC (according to his Instagram bio).

Who is Claudia and Soren mom?

Claudia is the daughter of Viren and Lissa, and the younger sister of Soren.

Is Viren in love with Harrow?

Viren insisted that he loved Harrow like a brother and wanted what was best for him and the kingdom, but despite this, he had no qualms about ordering Soren to murder Harrow’s sons.