Who won the fight between Donny Osmond and Danny Bonaduce?

Who won the fight between Donny Osmond and Danny Bonaduce?

When the fight mercifully ended, Bonaduce was awarded a split-decision victory, to the chagrin of Osmond and confusion of most in attendance. A postfight verbal spat led Bonaduce to taunt Osmond about his sister, singer Marie Osmond. Bonaduce even suggested a fourth round without headgear or gloves.

What year did Danny Bonaduce fight Donny Osmond?

List of celebrity boxing matches

Match Event Result
Muhammad Ali vs. Lyle Alzado 14 July 1979 Draw (Exhibition)
Muhammad Ali vs. Dave Semenko 12 June 1983 Draw (Exhibition)
Danny Bonaduce vs. Donny Osmond 17 January 1994 Bonaduce
Simon Woodstock vs. Mike Muir Action Sports, 7 March 1996 Woodstock

Who did Tonya Harding box in celebrity boxing?

It was 2003, nine years after Harding had seemingly lost everything following the Nancy Kerrigan clubbing scandal, and she turned her sights to the ring. Harding had won her first bout in a 2002 “Celebrity Boxing” match against Paula Jones and turned professional soon afterward.

Who won the Ricky Gervais boxing?

Despite that, Gervais was victorious over Bovey on fight night – and afterwards admitted it was a lot tougher than he thought it would be. His nose bloodied from the bout, Gervais said: “I would not recommend getting into the ring and punching someone in the face.

Is Danny Bonaduce a black belt?

Bonaduce has a black belt in karate. Bonaduce married his first wife, Setsuko Hattori in 1985, and they divorced in 1988. On November 4, 1990, Bonaduce met second wife Gretchen Hillmer on a blind date and, on a whim, they married the same day.

Who is the owner of celebrity boxing?

Damon Feldman
Feldman is the founder and CEO of Official Celebrity Boxing. He authored the book, “16 Minute Man”….

Damon Feldman
Nationality American
Occupation Founder and CEO, Official Celebrity Boxing
Organization Official Celebrity Boxing
Known for Producing and promoting live celebrity boxing events

Was Tonya Harding a successful boxer?

Fans reportedly booed Harding as she entered the ring and cheered wildly for Johnson when she won in the third round. Her boxing career was cut short by her asthma. Her overall record was three wins and three losses….Boxing career.

Tonya Harding
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 6

Who won celebrity boxing last night?

champion Lamar Odom
Here’s a factually correct sentence: On Friday night, two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom defeated former child pop star Aaron Carter by TKO in a Celebrity Boxing match held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Who won RICKY GERVAIS and Grant Bovey?

Gervais vs Bovey was broadcast on BBC, dubbed as The Fight. The two clobbered each other for three 90-second rounds, with The Office star Gervais announced as the winner.

Is Danny Bonaduce a martial artist?

Appeared in eight episodes of CHiPs (1977) as a martial artist. Holds black belts in the following martial arts: Okinawan Chinan Ryu; Tae Kwon Do; Tokyo-Ryu; Shorin Ryu. He won the 1980 and 1981 International Championships. Said that he was so broke in the early 1980s that he lived out of his car near a dumpster.

Who Won Bob Levy vs Bonaduce?

9/14/2008 6:40 AM PT The last time Danny Bonaduce publicly beat someone’s face in, he was de-toothing Jonny Fairplay at an awards show. This time the fight was sanctioned, and he knocked out comedian Rev. Bob Levy during the second round of another “I sure could use some money” celebrity boxing match.

Did Danny Bonaduce beat up Barry Williams in Celebrity Boxing?

Two former musicians face off in the hunt for the legendary mountain creature. Danny Bonaduce beat up Barry Williams on celebrity boxing in 2007. The creature’s size is inconsistent, sometimes appearing to be twice the height of a person to well over thirty feet tall.

What was the name of the guy who knocked out Barry Williams?

Bonaduce vs. Williams: Bonaduce was introduced by ring announcer Michael Buffer as Danny “Boom Boom” Bonaduce. He had a temporary tattoo on his back. Williams was billed as “Barry Da Butcher.” Bonaduce dominated the bout, knocking Williams down five times before Williams’ trainer threw in the towel in round two.

Who did Donny Osmond fight as an adult?

As an adult, Bonaduce boxed Donny Osmond and former Brady Barry Williams in separate charity events. Bonaduce won both fights, gaining a decision over Osmond and a TKO over Williams.

Is Danny Bonaduce getting a divorce?

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