Who won John Cena or The Rock 2011?

Who won John Cena or The Rock 2011?


No. Results Stipulations
7 John Cena and The Rock defeated The Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth) Tag team match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match D – indicates the match was a dark match

Who defeated Great Khali?

Champion Mark Henry
On 30 September episode of SmackDown, Khali was defeated by World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, who after the match “fractured” Khali’s fibula with a steel chair.

Who defeated John Cena 2012?

The Rock
There were eight matches on the event’s card and one pre-show match that was streamed on YouTube. The main event saw The Rock defeat John Cena and was advertised a year in advance, being set up in the main event of the previous year’s WrestleMania XXVII.

Why was Great Khali removed from WWE?

The Great Khali is reportedly no longer with WWE after the company decided not to renew the big man’s contract. He has been in the wrestling industry for 14 years and with WWE since 2006.

Who won between Cena and Rock?

The Rock returned to his rightful place atop the WWE with a resounding victory over John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII on Sunday night in Miami, turning a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity into a second chance at superstardom.

Is Rock better than John Cena?

It doesn’t matter that The Rock is 6ft 5 and is also very big in physique, but John Cena is 6ft 1, has a huge muscular physique better than The Rocks and even though he is doing Film Acting now, Cena continuously trains in the gym, makes himself bigger and hasn’t stopped Wrestling.

How many fights Khali won?

Also known as Dalip Singh, Giant Singh, Gigante Singh, Giant

# Item Wins
1 2018 1
2 2017 2
3 2014 40
4 2013 81

Who first defeated John Cena?

3 Randy Orton The Viper made history as the first man to win the WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell which he achieved at the inaugural Hell in a Cell event when he beat Cena.

Who is better AJ Styles or John Cena?

Yes Aj styles is better than john cena. John cena’s wrestling career. Started in 1999 at Ultimate Pro Wrestling. Debuted in World wrestling federation (WWF) in 2002. Still in WWE(changed from WWF) John cena is 16 times WWE champion and 6 times united states champion. AJ styles Wrestling career. 1998 debuted in National Championship Wrestling (NCW)

Who is better undertaker or John Cena?

The Undertaker is better than John Cena. He is probably one of the very best of all time, in my opinion, top 1 or 2 of all time. The Undertaker has been in the WWE for nearly 3 decades. He is one of the most respected guys in the locker room, and has put on stellar performances every time. Most notably at Wrestlemania.

Did John Cena ever beat the Undertaker?

The first match they wrestle each other is 2003 in April, Cena beats Undertaker in the Semi-Final of a WWE Championship #1 Contendership Tournament. (1–0) Okay, here we go. Not gonna be well written, but it’s gonna be comprehensive Cena and The Undertaker have been involved in around 23 matches with each other.

Which is better John Cena or Umaga?

That’s because John Cena is for children. Chalk it up to Cena’s heroic character being fueled by good older brother energy — he doesn’t feel like a dad, but he does feel like an adult male who will protect you from Umaga if needed. Everyone needs a hero. 1 Roman Reigns: Being a Heartthrob