Who won 4x100m relay 2008?

Who won 4x100m relay 2008?

The final was won by Jamaica in the new world-record time 37.10….Athletics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Men’s 4 × 100 metres relay.

Men’s 4 × 100 metres relay at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Venue Beijing National Stadium
Dates August 21 August 22 (final)
Teams 16
Winning time 38.06

Who won the 4x100m mixed medley relay?

Great Britain
Great Britain claimed a fourth swimming gold at an Olympics for the first time in 113 years by winning the inaugural 4x100m mixed medley relay in a world-record time. The British quartet of Kathleen Dawson, Adam Peaty, James Guy and Anna Hopkin won in three minutes 37.58 seconds.

Who won the medley relay?

Britain won the mixed medley relay, a new event. TOKYO — Britain won the mixed medley relay in a time of 3 minutes 37.58, setting a world record in the first time the event was held at the Olympics. China took silver and Australia bronze, followed by Italy and the United States.

What is Usain Bolt’s profession?

Football playerTrack and field athlete
Usain Bolt/Professions

Who won mixed relay?

TOKYO – Poland scored an upset win in the inaugural Olympic 4×400 meters mixed relay on Saturday, with Dominican Republic picking up silver and the United States taking bronze.

Who is on 4x100m medley relay mens?

Swimming at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Men’s 4 × 100 metre medley relay

Ryan Murphy, Michael Andrew, Caeleb Dressel, Zach Apple, Hunter Armstrong*, Blake Pieroni*, Tom Shields*, Andrew Wilson* United States
Luke Greenbank, James Guy, Adam Peaty, Duncan Scott, James Wilby* Great Britain

Who won the 4x100m?

Jamaica came into the final as the overwhelming favorites. Jamaica’s relay squad did not have any issues in the first round as they qualified for the final with a time of 42.15. On Friday night, the Jamaica dominated the eight-team field, winning the gold medal with a time of 41.02.