Who Wins Season 9 of ANTM?

Who Wins Season 9 of ANTM?

Sal StowersAmerica’s Next Top Model- Season 9 / WinnerSaleisha Lashawn Stowers is an American actress and model. She was the fourth runner up America’s Next Top Model. She portrays the role of Lani Price on NBC’s soap opera Days of Our Lives. Wikipedia

Who won ANTM Season 10?

Whitney ThompsonAmerica’s Next Top Model – Season 10 / WinnerWhitney Lee Thompson Forrester is an American plus-size model and is the winner of the tenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Wikipedia

Where is Bianca from ANTM Cycle 9 now?

After the physical fight with Nikki Blonsky and her family, Bianca was jailed, but soon bailed out. She is now working as a teacher at Kipp Amp Middle School in Brooklyn, New York.

What happened to Jenna from Season 9 of America’s Next Top model?

After the show, Jenah moved to New York to pursue modelling. She has taken some test shots, and was featured in Xex magazine and ONE4LIFE Event Art Exhibit. She has modeled for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and BassamFellows.

What year was ANTM Season 9?

The winner was 21-year-old Saleisha Stowers from Los Angeles, California with Chantal Jones placing as the runner up….America’s Next Top Model (season 9)

America’s Next Top Model
No. of episodes 13
Original network The CW
Original release September 19 – December 12, 2007

Who won ANTM Season 8?

Jaslene GonzalezAmerica’s Next Top Model – Season 8 / Winner

Who won ANTM season 11?

McKey SullivanAmerica’s Next Top Model- Season 11 / Winner
McKey Sullivan (Cycle 11) THEN: Illinois native McKey Sullivan, then just 19 years old, won the reality show’s 11th cycle. She beat out Samantha Potter and Analeigh Tipton, the latter of whom is one of the most famous stars to come out of the show.

Where is Bianca now?

Since her time on the series, Bianca has been very active on Facebook. Her page indicates that she does still live in Houston, and that she’s continuing her progress with her weight loss.

What happened to saleisha from ANTM?

Saleisha Stowers now goes by Sal Stowers and is pursuing an acting career. The model-turned-actress is currently starring as Lani on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” and recently made history for the TV show as part of the first Black couple to get married on-screen in the 54 years of “Days Of Our Lives.”