Who was Barbara McKay married to?

Who was Barbara McKay married to?

Mike is married to Barbara McKay, another familiar and popular Charlotte TV and radio personality, and they have three children, Erin, Elizabeth, and Michael, who Mike will tell you, are some of the most impressive young people they know.

Did Carter leave WBTV?

Charlotte, NC Following his work on Carolina Camera, John left WBTV and formed his own video production business.

What does WBTV stand for?


Acronym Definition
WBTV Weather Briefing Television

What happened to Barbara Mckay?

Barbara had to undergo another surgery and radiation but is now cancer-free and confident she experienced a second miracle. However, Barbara’s harrowing year was not yet at an end. She would endure a painful bout of pneumonia, small skin cancer and the death of a beloved cat of 14 years before 2018 ended.

How tall is Maureen O Boyle?

5′ 9″Maureen O’Boyle / Height

When did Alex Giles get married?

Is Alex Giles married? Giles has been married to his lovely spouse for quite a long time now. It is known that he proposed to his wife on April 22, 2019, and later got married.

Is John Carter on WBTV?

John Carter is the co-anchor of WBTV News This Morning and also anchors WBTV News at Noon. Born: St. Charles, Missouri.

Who is Dee Dee Gatton?

Dee Dee Gatton is a renowned American Journalist and News Personality. Currently, she works at WBTV News in Charlotte, North Carolina as an Evening Anchor and Special Projects Reporter. Prior to joining the WBTV News team, she worked at KPNX-TV in Phoenix, Arizona as a News Anchor and Reporter.

Who is Barbara McKay?

Barbara McKay, one of the Carolina’s most popular media personalities, has long been recognized as the epitome of grace and professionalism. She has published a brand international award winning book, Coming Home: Recipes and Reflections from a Life in the Spotlight.

Where is Maureen O’Boyle 2021?

She currently works as an anchor at WBTV News 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also anchors the weekly report” Stretching Your Dollar. She has also been the anchorwoman of TV shows A Current Affair and Extra.

Where is Maureen Oboyle WBTV?

She is a lead anchor for WBTV News 3 in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, where she anchors the weekly report “Stretching Your Dollar.” O’Boyle has been the anchorwoman for the TV shows A Current Affair and Extra….

Maureen O’Boyle
Children 1

What happened to Eric Thomas on WBTV?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – After 33 years, Eric Thomas—WBTV’s longest-serving weather personality— has announced he plans to retire at the end of the year. “This was a tough decision and took lots of soul searching between my wife and me,” Thomas said.

Where does WBTV get its news from?

Many of WBTV’s evening newscasts and sports specials originate from the site of the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. WBTV airs a number of special Carolina Panthers programs saluting the run to the playoffs for the second time in five years. WBTV begins the operation and broadcasting of the local “WeatherNet” information.

What is WBTV Morning Report?

The updated “WBTV Morning Report” premieres with anchors Lori Ogilvie and Jim Patterson. WBTV is first in Charlotte and among the first television stations in the United States to use a satellite news gathering truck. It is called “Newstar 3”. WBTV’s new 2,000 foot tall tower begins transmitting at 5:53pm.

Who is Eric Thomas?

Eric Thomas is an American Multiple Emmy Award-winning Weather Broadcast working as a Chief Meteorologist for WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. In addition, various publications around Charlotte have been voted Charlotte’s Best.