Who was axed from Corrie in 1997?

Who was axed from Corrie in 1997?

During Park’s reign, three characters Derek Wilton (Peter Baldwin), Don Brennan (Geoffrey Hinsliff) and Des Barnes (Philip Middlemiss) were killed off. Mavis Wilton (Thelma Barlow) left the programme in 1997, although this was due to Barlow’s intention to leave.

What happened to Sunita on Coronation Street?

But Sunita met a tragic end in 2013 when she becoming trapped in a fire at the Rovers Return and later died from a cardiac arrest in hospital after her breathing tube was removed by Karl Munro, with who she had an affair with.

Who is Dev in Corrie married to in real life?

But the actor – Weatherfield romeo Dev Alahan – has been with partner Susan Beaton for 16 years and has two children with her.

Who joined Corrie in 1998?

Morgan returns three months later and meets with Emma and asks her if she will be joining him and Fiona in Melbourne for Christmas….

Morgan Middleton
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Connor Chatburn (1998) Corey Weekes (2019)
Duration 1998, 2019
First appearance 2 February 1998

Who did Brian Park AXE in Corrie?

Derek Wilton
His most shocking axing was that of Derek Wilton, played by Peter Baldwin, who had been in the show for over twenty years (Park chose to do so as Thelma Barlow had recently handed in her resignation and it was felt Derek wouldn’t work without Mavis) and ended up leaving the street in a coffin after having a heart …

Is Jimmi Harkishin married?

Harkishin played Gary Lobo in the Jonathan Creek episode “Danse Macabre”. Harkishin was born in Bangalore, India, to Sindhi parents, Gomomal and Vimla. He has three children, Holli Harkishin, Rajan Harkishin and India Rose Harkishin with partner Susan Beaton.

Are Asha and Aadi twins in real life?

While Tanisha Gorey (Asha) said: “They’re not only brother and sister, they’re twins so they have this extra bond. There is a lot of rivalry growing up, they don’t want to share – it’s normal for siblings. “We have seen moments of them being real siblings as Aadi did support her after being a bit of an idiot.

How old is Jenny off Coronation Street?

How old is Jenny Connor? Coronation Street character Jenny was born on March 4, 1971, making her 50-years-old.

Is Anthony cottons mum and actress?

Enid DunnAntony Cotton / Mother