Who owns Three Dots and a Dash?

Who owns Three Dots and a Dash?

Paul McGee used to vacation in Hawaii with his family, where he once found himself eating at classic tiki joint Don the Beachcomber. He was too young to drink but, years later, he’s bringing the best of Hawaii’s booze to Chicago with Three Dots and a Dash, a tiki bar he’s opening with Jerrod and R.J.

Why is it called three dots and a dash?

Created during World War II by Donn Beach, the name is Morse code for “Victory.” The garnish cleverly represents the Morse code. The three cherries are the “dots,” and the “dash” was, traditionally, at Don the Beachcomber’s, a rectangular chunk of pineapple.

How do you do the three dots and a dash?


  1. Add the rhum agricole, blended rum, Velvet Falernum, allspice dram, honey syrup, lime juice, orange juice and bitters to a drink mixer tin.
  2. Fill with 12 ounces of crushed ice and 4 to 6 small “agitator” cubes.
  3. Flash-blend, then open pour with gated finish into a footed pilsner glass and add the garnish.

When did three dots and a dash open?

Three Dots opened in 2013 to much fanfare with the backing of Paul McGee, one of the most respect bartenders in the country.

What do dots tattoo mean?

It can be used to show beginning, middle and end, heaven, earth and the waters, or body, soul and spirit. In Christian belief systems the three dot tattoo can be used to pay homage to the father, son and the Holy Spirit.

What is the three dot menu called?

Meatball Menu
The Meatball Menu, also known as the horizontal three-dot menu, is an icon used to open a menu with additional options. The icon is usually found in the upper-right or upper-right corner of a screen or window. Used to open a menu or display actions for a related item.

What is in a tiki drink?

Typical Tiki drinks include either light or dark rum, flavored syrup, fruit juices, and other mixers. Not all Tiki drinks are rum-based, but it’s a very common base spirit in most Tiki drinks. Fresh fruit juices are also key, along with syrups and liquors that have been flavored with spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

What is the 9 dot menu called?

The grid of the nine small boxes that are found on the top right corner of the browser when using various Google products like Google Chrome and Gmail is popularly known as the “Waffle”.