Who owns the Circle t Ranch?

Who owns the Circle t Ranch?

Ross Perot Jr.
Ross Perot Jr. and his Hillwood real estate development company acquired the 2,500-acre Circle T Ranch in 1993. The big-picture vision has always been one of high-end corporate campuses nestled into and respecting the property’s natural beauty.

Who owns Circle t Ranch in Westlake?

Ross Perot Jr.’s Hillwood development company bought the 2,500-acre Circle T Ranch in Westlake in 1993.

Where is Ross Perot Ranch?

Hillwood Land & Cattle, owned by Ross Perot Jr., is headquartered in Westlake, Texas. The operation exercises 12,500 acres of grazing pastures and farmland spread over two ranches: the historical Circle T Ranch in Tarrant County and Hunter Ranch in Denton County.

What is circlet Ranch?

Circle T Ranch is a 2,500-acre development seamlessly integrated with the most scenic landscapes in North Texas. Centrally located and connected within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and only 12 miles west of DFW International Airport, Circle T Ranch is one of nation’s most prominent corporate destinations.

What is the Quarter Circle T Ranch today?

The Quarter Circle T brand ceased to be used after the sale. The land and cattle were added to the Hansford company’s Turkey Track Ranch. Cape Willingham , manager of this enterprise, moved his family into the stone house and made it the Turkey Track’s main headquarters.

When did the Quarter Circle T Ranch open?

November 1876
The Quarter Circle T Ranch, the second ranch in the Panhandle, was established in late November 1876 when Thomas Sherman Bugbee brought his family, trail hands, two wagons, and about 1,800 cattle to the Panhandle from the vicinity of what is now Lakin, Kansas.

Who owns Quarter Circle Ranch?

the Whittenburg family
The house, located ten miles east of Stinnett, continued more than 100 years later to serve the Turkey Track’s owners, the Whittenburg family, who preserved its original atmosphere. The portholes made to fire through during Indian raids and the porch from which Mrs. Bugbee shot buffalo are still prominent features.