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Who owns Punta Fuego?

Who owns Punta Fuego?

Roxaco Land Corp.
MANILA, Philippines – Roxaco Land Corp., the property unit of listed holding firm Roxas Holdings Inc. (RHI) has acquired a majority stake in Fuego Hotels Property & Management Corp. (FHPMC), the developer of Club Punta Fuego, an 88-hectare premiere luxury seaside resort community in Batangas.

Is Punta Fuego for members only?

Club Punta Fuego is still a membership Club. member’s endorsement is still needed if you want to enter and use the facility. However, you may check their online partners if you want to book a room.

Who owns Terrazas de Punta Fuego?

Terrazas de Punta Fuego was the result of the partnership forged in September 2001 between Fuego Land Corporation, the joint venture development company of Landco Pacific Corporation and Roxaco Land Corporation, together with the Pedrosa family, to develop their 43-hectare estate originally known as the White Sands …

Where is Peninsula de Punta Fuego?

western Batangas province
Peninsula de Punta Fuego, a resort and beach community on Punta Fuego. Fuego Point, commonly known as Punta Fuego, is a flame-shaped headland located in western Batangas province on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.

What is Punta Fuego in English?

Punta Fuego – meaning point of fire in Spanish – is a flame-shaped peninsula in Nasugbu, the largest town in the western side of Batangas province.

When was Punta Fuego built?

Since its launch in 1996, the Peninsula de Punta Fuego has successfully set a benchmark for quality of design, construction and planning in the residential resort community. The development’s main amenities are housed in Club Punta Fuego, which consists of the Main Club, the Beach Club, the Casitas, and the Golf Club.

Who is the developer of Punta Fuego?

Real estate developer Landco Pacific Corp marked its 25th anniversary with an overnight celebration at Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas.