Who owns EMaC?

Who owns EMaC?

Innovation Group
The company was founded in Bolton but now operates from a large headquarters building in Crewe. It was acquired by Innovation Group in late 2014.

What is EMaC on bank statement?

Your name appears on my bank statement. Who are you? EMaC handles the administration of your vehicle’s service plan. We collect the Direct Debit instalments from your bank or building society that pay towards the upcoming servicing requirements of your vehicle.

Can I cancel Audi service plan?

Our Service Plans are non-refundable; however the plan stays with the car and the services can be utilised at any point. The plan will close once all the services have been claimed. The plan can also be transferred to a new owner.

What does a car service plan cover?

As the name suggests, a service plan covers all the costs of having your car serviced as per the stipulations of the manufacturer. Generally, this will include the labour and replacement cost of air, pollen, fuel and oil filters, cam belts, brake fluid, oil and gearbox oil, spark plugs and coolant.

What region is EMAC?

Eastern Mediterranean Activities Conference

Abbreviation EMAC
Legal status Inactive
Region served Middle East, Greece, Egypt
Membership 17 to 27 schools
Official language English

Can I cancel my vehicle service contract?

All VSCs are cancelable under California Civil Code Section 1794.41. The obligor must give you a full refund of the VSC purchase price if you meet all of the following requirements: You cancel the VSC within 60 days after receiving the contract, or 30 days if your car is used and came without a manufacturer warranty.

Can I cancel a car service plan?

Service plans are NOT credit agreements, so not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You won’t be asked to undergo a credit check and you can cancel a plan and get a refund of unspent money at any point.

Can you cancel car plan?

Can I cancel a service plan? Yes, you may cancel a service plan provided you have paid the cancellation fee applicable.

What happens to my service plan if I sell my car?

If you pay for a service plan and sell the car before it’s up, the money spent on it in advance will be lost. Also, if you’re buying a car on PCP (personal contract purchase), aim to get a service plan thrown in to ensure that the vehicle is worth as much as possible when it comes to the end of the finance term.