Who makes Shasta Phoenix?

Who makes Shasta Phoenix?

Forest River
Shasta’s respected name prevails in today’s fast-moving RV industry because of experience, combined with a strong, service-oriented dealer network, a loyal, repeat customer base, and our outstanding association with our parent company, Forest River.

What does QB mean in RV?

Bedroom Model Abbreviations

BH: Bunkhouse DB: Dual Beds- 2 Queens FQ: Front Queen
K/KB: King Bed-Standard Q/QB: Queen Bed- Standard TB: Twin Beds
MB: Mid-Bunk RQ: Rear Queen

Who made Shasta?

National Beverage Corp
Shasta (soft drink)

Shasta Twist decoration at the Shasta headquarters in Hayward, California
Industry Beverages
Area served United States
Products soft drinks, drink mixers
Parent National Beverage Corp.

Where is the VIN on a Shasta camper?

You will find the VIN of an old vintage Shasta camper located on the left side of the trailer tongue.

What is a Shasta Airflyte?

The Airflyte “canned ham trailer” will get a vintage interior to look like the original, but with all modern appliances and plumbing. It will sell for $15,000 at the very least. Shasta started in 1941, hence the 1,941 reproductions. Shasta introduced the canned ham shape.

How do I buy a Shasta RV?

Find your local dealer to assist you in your purchase or service of a Shasta RV. Learn to perform general maintenance and routine tasks on your Shasta RV. “Run the Numbers” to look at various scenarios to estimate your monthly payment. Interactive owner’s manuals provide easy navigation to information you need.

Why choose Shasta campers?

Shasta has been providing memories to campers for generations. Our well laid out interiors are bright and airy with modern woodgrain cabinetry, LED interior lights and residential styling countertops.

How much water do you put in a Shasta camper?

Available CCC should accommodate fresh potable water (8.3 lbs per gallon). Before filling the fresh water tank, empty the black and gray tanks to provide for more cargo capacity. **Estimated Average based on standard build optional equipment. Each Shasta RV is weighed at the manufacturing facility prior to shipping.

Why choose Shasta floor plans?

Shasta offers a wide variety of quality affordable lighter weight floorplans that are packed with convenience and value. Designed for couples and families to get away from it all and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.