Who is Themba Ndaba daughter?

Who is Themba Ndaba daughter?

Rudo NdabaThemba Ndaba / Daughter

Who is Josey ndaba?

Josey Gqozo Ndaba – Managing Multimedia Designer – Visual Republic | LinkedIn.

Who is Themba Ndaba’s wife?

J Ndabam. 2010
Sophie Ndabam. 1998–2007
Themba Ndaba/Wife

How is Themba Ndaba and Sophie Ndaba related?

Themba Ndaba ex-wife In 1998, Themba Ndaba married actress Sophie Ndaba, whom he has two children with; they divorced in 2007.

Who is Sophie’s daughter?

Rudo Ndaba
Shallon Ndaba
Sophie Ndaba/Daughters

How old is Buhle from Gomora in real life?

age 23 years
Ama Qamata

Birth Name: Amamkele Qamata
Date of Birth 02 September 1998 (age 23 years)
Place of Birth Cala, Eastern Cape
Nationality: South Africa

Who are the parents of siphesihle ndaba?

Who are Siphesihle Ndaba’s parents? Siphesihle Ndaba was raised by her single mother and grandmother.

Is Siphesihle Ndaba and Sihle Ndaba related?

She contested the eighth season of M-met’s Idols South Africa which was won by Durban born Khaya Mthethwa. Sihle Ndaba was born Siphesihle Ndaba in Ermelo in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

How old is Mazet from gomora?

age 24 years
Siphesihle Ndaba

Birth Name: Siphesihle Ndaba
Date of Birth 04 August 1997 (age 24 years)
Place of Birth Mofolo (Soweto), Gauteng
Nationality: South Africa

Is Sophie Ndaba a Zimbabwean?

Sophie Lichaba (born 29 June 1973), née Mphasane, formerly Sophie Ndaba, is a South African actress.

Who is Sophie Ndaba ex husband?

Themba Ndaba1998 – 2011
Keith Harrington2011 – 2013
Sophie Ndaba/Ex-spouses

What disease does Sophie Ndaba have?

She suffers from diabetes. With her former husband, Themba Ndaba, she has two children, Rudo and Lwandle.