Who is the owner of HPL?

Who is the owner of HPL?

Lalit Seth
You can view name of Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management Team, Board of Directors and Key Executives of HPL Electric & Power Ltd….PREMARKET.

Lalit Seth Chairman & Wholetime Director
Rashmi Vij Addnl.Independent Director
Rishi Seth Managing Director
Sudhir Barik Chief Financial Officer

What is HPL company?

Overview. HPL Electric & Power Limited is India’s leading electric equipment manufacturer with a formidable presence across five key verticals: Metering Solutions, Switchgears, LED Lighting, Wires & Cables, Solar Solutions and Modular Switches.

Is HPL Indian company?

HPL, Born in 1956 is among the most reliable multiproduct Electrical Equipment Company in India. Its product range covers Electronic Energy Meters, LV Electrical Switchgears, Controlgear, Circuit Breakers, Lighting and Wires & Cables.

Is HPL a government company?

HPL Electric & Power Private Limited is an Indian Non-Government Company.

Is HPL and havells same?

Havells, in an advertisement, clarifies that it is not associated or related with the two companies, Havell’s Pvt Ltd and Havells Electronics Pvt Ltd, which are shown as promoters of HPL Electric & Power in the company’s IPO prospectus.

What is the name of HPL?

Pursuant to a resolution of the Board of Directors dated January 21, 2010 and a resolution of the shareholders dated February 18, 2010, the name of the Company was changed to HPL Electric & Power Private Limited and a fresh certificate of incorporation was issued upon change of name by the RoC on March 10, 2010.

What is the full form of hPL?

HPL Stands For : Human placental lactogen.

Is HPL a Havells brand?

Metering solutions, switchgears, lighting equipment and wires and cables maker HPL Electric & Power Ltd has just made an IPO. However, electrical goods maker Havells India Ltd had issued a caution notice about usage of ‘Havells’ brand name, by HPL Electric & Power, especially as the name of promoter companies.

Is Havells Chinese company?

5 days ago
Havells India Limited is an Indian electrical equipment company based in Noida.

Is HPL and Havells same?