Who is the original singer of Vivir Mi Vida?

Who is the original singer of Vivir Mi Vida?

Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony version

“Vivir Mi Vida”
Label Sony Music Latin
Songwriter(s) Khaled, RedOne, Alex Papaconstantinou, Bilal Hajji, Björn Djupström
Producer(s) Sergio George
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What country is marc anthony from Vivir Mi Vida?

Puerto Rican
Marco Antonio Muñiz was born in New York City, the son of Puerto Rican parents.

What movie is Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony in?

‘” Anthony worked on the song with his longtime producer Sergio George, in the period when the artist’s last two releases were the soundtrack for the film “El Cantante” in 2007 and the cover album Iconos in 2010.

Is Vivir Mi Vida Puerto Rican?

The Vivir Mi Vida world tour, one of PollStar’s top selling tours of 2013, was extended to May 2014 by popular demand. One of the tour locations was in Puerto Rico which is where is heritage lies since he was born to two Puerto Rican parents.

Why did Marc Anthony wrote Vivir Mi Vida?

Marc Anthony conveniently wrote the lyrics during a time where Latin communities were feeling oppressed and losing joy. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out a song that would bring joy back into the Latin community.

What genre is Vivir Mi Vida?

Musica tropicale
Vivir Mi Vida/Genres

Is Marc Anthony Vivir Mi Vida Salsa?

It was released on July 23, 2013. It is his first original salsa album in over a decade. “Vivir Mi Vida,” a Spanish cover of the Khaled song C’est la vie, was released as the first single on April 15, 2013….3.0 (Marc Anthony album)

Released July 23, 2013
Recorded 2011–13
Genre Salsa, tropical
Length 41:26

What is something interesting about Marc Anthony?

Musician Marc Anthony was born Marco Antonio Muniz on September 16, 1968 in New York City. His parents, Guillermina and Felipe Muniz, are Puerto Rican and named their son after Marco Antonio Muniz, a Mexican singer who was popular in Puerto Rico. Marc Anthony grew up in New York City with his sister, Yolanda Muniz.