Who is the new person on WCCO morning show?

Who is the new person on WCCO morning show?

reporter Vineeta Sawkar
Former KSTP-TV anchor and reporter Vineeta Sawkar will be the new host of WCCO Radio’s morning show. “The Morning News with Vineeta Sawkar” debuts Jan. 3. Sawkar succeeds Dave Lee, who retired in April after 32 years at the station.

Who took Dave Lee’s place?

Vineeta Sawkar
WCCO Radio said Monday that it has hired Vineeta Sawkar, a former KSTP-TV anchor, to replace longtime morning host Dave Lee, who retired earlier this year. Sawkar will host “”The Morning News with Vineeta Sawkar” weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Who is the new anchor on WCCO news?

Fresh faces. Jan. 15: Heather Brown was named as the new WCCO This Morning anchor alongside mainstay Jason DeRusha.

What nationality is Vineeta Sawkar?

KSTP-TV morning and midday news anchor, Vineeta Sawkar, is a contributor. Being of Asian Indian decent, she contributes much to the Twin Cities’ Asian community.

Where do Frank and Amelia live?

Frank and Amelia are deeply involved with the community and frequently serve as the master of ceremonies at some of the Twin Cities premier charity events. Frank married Amelia in 1999 in Florence, Italy. They live in Minneapolis with their three kids — a son Sam and twins Joseph and Francesca — and two dogs.

What nationality is Frank Vascellaro?

Who is Frank Vascellaro? Born in the USA, Frank Vascellaro is an American news anchor and broadcast journalist for WCCO from Denver, Colorado.

Who is DJ on WCCO Radio?

David Josephson (@DJWCCO) / Twitter. Producer for the Paul and Jordana show on WCCO Radio.

Where is Frank Vascellaro?

Frank Vascellaro is currently living in Minneapolis with his wife and three kids. Since 1996, Frank has been working in media. He co-anchors the news program Monday through Friday at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm, respectively.