Who is the chairman of National Library Committee of India?

Who is the chairman of National Library Committee of India?

The main component of NML is the creation of NVLI (National Virtual Library of India). Library Committee (1957) was chaired by Dr. S R Ranganathan to look into the functioning of academic libraries.

Who is the director of public libraries in India?

Dr Satishkumar S. Hosamani

Sl No. Officer Name and Designation
1. Dr Satishkumar S. Hosamani Director
2. Smt Sarojamma M. Deputy Director(I/c)
3. Sri Manu M. Administrative Officer (Admin)
4. Sri Basavaraj B Talawar Administrative Officer (Accounts)

Who started library movement in India?

In Assam, the library movement at its true spirit was led by Late Kumudeshar Barthakur (1893-8th November 1966), a retired Secondary School teacher under the brand name of Assam Library Association. The contribution of S.R. Ranganathan is unique and remarkable. He is regarded as the father of Indian library movement.

In which state public library Act was passed in India 1988?


Act ID: 19937
Act Year: 1993
Short Title: The Manipur Public Libraries Act, 1988
Long Title: The Manipur Public Libraries Act, 1988
Department: Department of Arts and Culture Department

Who is one of the founder of Ila?

Page 230 et seq. Jagdish Chandra Mehta.

Who designated Dr SR Rangnathan as father of library science?

As a newly appointed librarian he travelled to London’s School of Librarianship and toured over one hundred libraries in the U.K. While in England, Dr. SR Ranganathan saw that the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) was the most popular system in use….Total Pageviews.

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Who is one of the founder of Indian library Association?

Which is the first law of library science?

The first law of library science, “Books are for use,” means that books in libraries are not meant to be shut away from users.

What is SDI in library?

‚Ķhave adopted a practice of selective dissemination of information (sometimes referred to as SDI), whereby librarians conduct regular searches of databases to find references to new articles or other materials that fit a particular patron’s interest profile and forward the results of these searches to the patron.

When did Ranganathan Committee submitted his report to UGC?

UGC Library committee/ Ranganathan Committee S. R. Ranganathan. The main objective of the Ranganathan Committee was to make suggestions for the development of libraries along with higher education. The Ranganathan Committee submitted its report in 1961.