Who is the best player in Madden 08?

Who is the best player in Madden 08?

Top 100 Rated NFL Players in Madden 2008 Quiz Stats

Rating Player % Correct
97 Larry Johnson 90.7%
93 Andre Johnson 90%
98 Steve Smith 86.9%
99 Champ Bailey 86.5%

Why was LaDainian Tomlinson not on Madden?

LaDainian Tomlinson turned down the Madden cover in 2007 According to CNBC, EA initially offered LaDainian Tomlinson the cover spot. The star running back turned the company down, but not because of the dreaded Madden Curse. Instead, Tomlinson explained he wasn’t interested because of money.

Who was a 100 OVR in Madden?

While Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders was one of the most dynamic players in NFL history, it’s still odd that he earned an overall 100 rating back in both 1999 and 2000.

Who is the best Madden player ever?

The highest-rated player in “Madden” history came in the first edition. Jerry Rice was given a whopping 189 player rating for the inaugural “Madden NFL 98.” His name is written all over the NFL’s record books for wide receivers, so he is worthy of being in the mix for the highest rating ever.

Was Madden 08 the best?

Madden 08 is the best madden in the madden franchise and should be remastered and given a sequel.

Is Madden 08 good?

This game was as fun and realistic as the past Madden NFL games. Great graphics and all your favorite teams make this the perfect game for all football fans.

Who was on the cover of Madden 2008?

quarterback Vince Young
It is the 19th installment in the Madden NFL video game franchise. It features the former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young on the cover; San Diego Chargers defensive end Luis Castillo was the cover athlete for the Spanish-language version.

Do Madden cover players get paid?

Yes and no. Individual players do not get paid for appearing in the game. The NFL Players’ Association (NFLPA) has an agreement with EA to allow players’ names and likenesses to be used in the game, so the union gets a licensing fee.

Who has had the most 99 ratings in Madden?

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady was a shoo-in for the list. Tom Brady has received the 99 overall ratings six separate times, which is the most of all time. He has only been in the prestigious club twice, however, since it was introduced in 2018. He received his first entry into the club back in Madden 2019.

Are there any 99 overalls in Madden 22?

Madden 22: Every 99 Club Member The 99 Club is an upper echelon of players in Madden that get the coveted max 99 OVR rating. Patrick Mahomes and DeAndre Hopkins have both been dropped out of the 99 Club and their spots have been filled with other players.

Who has had 99 speed in Madden?

The only player in the league with a speed rating of 99, Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill, is the fastest player you can use in Madden.

Who owns all the copies of Madden 08?

EA Sports 08 Collection (often abbreviated as The 08 Collection) is a collection game featuring Madden NFL 08, NHL 08, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, FIFA Soccer 08, and NBA Live 08. Scott Wozniak owns the game and considers it another version of Madden NFL 08, putting it next to all his other Madden games.