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Who is moonstar warrior cats?

Who is moonstar warrior cats?

Moonstar is a gray tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, tail tip, and muzzle. Her eyes are crystal blue and she has a gray nose, and a scar on her shoulder.

Does StarClan have firestar?

In Bramblestar’s Storm, Firestar settles into life in StarClan. He passes on a prophecy to Bramblestar: when water meets blood, blood will rise. Cats within ThunderClan still grieve the loss of their former leader, and Bramblestar struggles to come into his own as a leader.

Did Purdy go to StarClan?

Later on, Kate contradicted her statement, and confirmed that Purdy indeed went to StarClan. This is proven true, as he appears in StarClan in Darkest Night.

Does ShadowClan believe in StarClan?

When a loner named Sol comes to the Clans, he convinces Blackstar to turn his back on StarClan, and the whole of ShadowClan loses faith in their ancestors. Things stay this way until Lionblaze and Hollyleaf fake a sign from StarClan, reigniting Blackstar’s faith.

Is Firestar related to Graystripe?

Yes! They are related through Goldenflower… Graystripe’s father was Patchpelt, whose mate was Goldenflower, whose mate was Tigerstar, whose son was Brambleclaw, whose mate was Squirrelflight, whose father was Firestar!

Did Longtail have kits?

She decided to name her two healthy kits, Rushkit because he had long legs and looked like a good runner, and Longkit, in memory of her mate, Longtail.

What type of cat is Spottedleaf?

medicine cat
Spottedleaf is a dark tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes. Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar’s leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit.

Who kills Firestar?

After the battle Lightning suddenly strikes a beech tree beside Firestar, marking the moment Firestar dies from the wounds Tigerstar inflicted on him. The StarClan cats that gave Firestar his nine lives gather around him, and Jayfeather lists the lives they gave.