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Who is father of Sahira Kazmi?

Who is father of Sahira Kazmi?

ShyamSahira Kazmi / FatherSunder Shyam Chadda was an Indian actor in Hindi cinema. He began his career in 1942 and worked in over 30 films until his death in 1951 at the age of 31. Wikipedia

Is Kazmi A Syed?

Kazmi are descendant of prophet Muhammad and known as syeds. The word, kazmi, derives from the second name of the 7th great-grandson of the prophet Muhammad, named Musa Kazim (Musa Kadham). Kazmi syeds are also surnamed as Moosavi, Musavi or Moosvi in Arab countries derive from the first name of Musa of Musa Kazim.

How old is Sahira Kazmi?

75 years (June 13, 1946)Sahira Kazmi / Age

Who is Ali Kazmi wife?

Alizeh KhorasaneeAli Kazmi / Wife (m. 2007)

Who is Rahat Kazmi son?

Ali KazmiRahat Kazmi / Son

Where does Arzoo Kazmi live?

Journalist Arzu Kazmi, who lives in Islamabad (Pakistan), comes on all Indian channels to favour Pakistan.

Which caste is Kazmi?

Kazmis belonged to the Sayyid community post Islamic era and existed as a surname in the pre-Islamic era as well.

Are Syed Shia?

The Syed can be found among both Shia and Sunni Muslims (Joshua Project n.d.a; n.d.a). A study on the ancestry of the Syed indicates that Syed is a “common honorific title given to male Muslims belonging to certain families claiming descent from the Prophet Muhammad” (Belle, et al. Sept. 2010, 217).

Who is Arzoo Kazmi?

Arzoo Kazmi is a Pakistani journalist. Journalist Arzu Kazmi keeps echoing on various Indian channels to favor Pakistan. Describing the news journalist as ‘Kapil’, a person named ‘Kapil’ approached Arzoo to express sympathy through WhatsApp, and to humiliate him.

When was Ali produced?

Ali (film)

Release date December 25, 2001
Running time 157 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Who is Arzoo Kazmi Wikipedia?

She is Famous in Pakistan also she has a strong background in Journalism. Arzoo Kazmi Host her Program ‘Batoon Batoon Mein’ on Roze Tv in Pakistan….Arzoo Kazmi Profession, Career, TV Channel.

Real Name Arzoo Kazmi
Also Known as Arzoo Kazmi
Profession Journalist
Famous For Indian channels to favor Pakistan

Who is Arzoo Kazmi of Pakistan?