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Who directed Tropico Lana Del Rey?

Who directed Tropico Lana Del Rey?

Anthony MandlerTropico / DirectorAnthony Mandler is an American film director, music video director, television commercial director and photographer. As a music video director, his most notable and frequent collaborator is Rihanna. Wikipedia

What songs are in Tropico Lana?

Tropico EP

No. Title Writer(s)
1. “Body Electric” Lana Del Rey Rick Nowels
2. “Gods & Monsters” Del Rey Tim Larcombe
3. “Bel Air” Del Rey Heath
4. “Tropico” Del Rey

Does Lana Del Rey have a documentary?

Lana Del Rey: The Greatest Story Never Told.

Where did Lana Del Rey film Tropico?

Los Angeles
Tropico (stylized as TROPICO) is a short film directed by Anthony Mandler, and starring Lana Del Rey and co-star actor, Shaun Ross, running at approximately 27 minutes….Film.

Music video Information
Lana Del Rey – Tropico (Short Film) (Explicit) Location Los Angeles, California
Vevo views 8+ Million Views

Did Lana Del Rey Born a Bible?

Several people were left asking this question after some users on TikTok alleged that the singer had burned a bible. However, this is not true. This happens to be just another social media rumor that is swirling around. Lana has never burned a bible or disrespected any religion.

Is Lana Del Rey a Liverpool fan?

The 35-year-old New Yorker has been a fan of the club since her manager introduced her to them years ago. She visited Anfield for a game against Spurs in 2013 and revealed that she was a Liverpool and Celtic fan.

Does Lana support Celtic?

The American singer is a huge football fan, having previously supported Celtic FC while dating Glasgow Kassidy rocker Barrie-James O’Neill. Singer Lana Del Rey has recorded a stunning acoustic cover of Celtic anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” for a new football documentary.

Why does Lana Del Rey support Liverpool?

What team does Lana del Rey support? Del Rey is a Liverpool fan through her manager Ben Mawson, and has attended games at Anfield as well as having met former captain Steven Gerrard. She also wished the Reds the best of luck before their ultimately victorious 2019 Champions League final win against Tottenham.

Was Bob Marley a Celtic fan?

Bob Marley was a fan of Celtic FC who kept videos of their Old Firm matches and would regale his children with stories about the club, his son has revealed. Rohan Marley told how his father would tell them stories about the famous Lisbon Lions team who won the European Cup in 1967.