Who dies in Chapter 30 of The Westing Game?

Who dies in Chapter 30 of The Westing Game?

The End?: Chapter 30 Summary Eastman, whom she still calls “Sandy,” is dying.

What is Chapter 30 of The Westing Game?

Turtle’s married to Theo, who just wrote a second book. She tells Sandy that they’ll have kids one day, although they won’t really, because they don’t want their kid to get Chris’s disease. She tells Sandy about Angela’s daughter, and he asks her to ask Crow to pray for him; then he dies. It’s July fourth.

What is Turtle’s real name in the Westing game?

Tabitha-Ruth “Turtle” Wexler, known as “Alice” to Flora Baumbach, is a highly intelligent 13-year-old girl.

Who Won the Westing game?

Several years after that, Turtle stays with Sandy/Westing (as Eastman) while he really dies. She finally wins the prize and goes to play chess with her niece Alice.

What happens in Chapter 23 of the Westing game?

Otis makes fun of Turtle’s short new haircut, but Flora distracts Turtle by pulling from her pocketbook a picture of her daughter, Rosalie. Turtle is touched. She compliments Rosalie’s sweet face and says she wishes she could have met her. Sydelle and Angela enter next—they are quite a pair.

What happened in chapter 20 of the Westing game?

On Friday, Turtle skips school and takes Flora to the broker’s office. Westing Paper Products stock rises even higher, and Turtle gives the command to sell their stock. Doug Hoo has also taken off from school, supposedly to prepare for the track meet; but he’s following Otis Amber again.

What happened in Chapter 7 of the Westing game?

Theo admires the finely carved pieces on the chessboard and notices that someone moved a white pawn; he decides to play along and moves the black knight. The lawyer continues reading the will, which states that now the game begins. The group will be divided into eight pairs—partners have been assigned by Westing.

What happened in chapter 10 of The Westing Game?

The heirs arrive for the party at Judge Ford’s apartment. Judge Ford has an ulterior motive: to find out as much as she can about the other heirs. When she asks Grace Wexler just how she is related to the Westing family, Grace gives a vague reply; the judge concludes that Grace is a pretender.

What happened in chapter 12 of The Westing Game?

Judge Ford realizes four players are linked to Sam Westing: Mr. Hoo, George, Sandy (because he was let go from Westing’s factory), and herself. She decides she should hire a private detective to learn more. She looks up detectives in the yellow pages, when she sees something that makes her think.