Who are the judges in Franklin County?

Who are the judges in Franklin County?


Judge Courtroom
Judge Stephanie Mingo 15B
Judge Cindi Morehart 12D
Judge James P O’Grady 14C
Judge Eileen Y Paley 15C

How many judges are on the Franklin County court of common pleas?

Meet the Judges The Court has fourteen (14) General Division judges and one (1) Environmental Division judge who preside over civil, criminal, and traffic cases and conduct both jury and non-jury trials. Judges are elected to a six (6) year term and each have their own bailiff and secretary.

What does a PA court of common pleas judge do?

They have original jurisdiction over all cases not exclusively assigned to another court and appellate jurisdiction over judgments from the minor courts (which include the magisterial district courts in all counties but Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Municipal Court and Pittsburgh Municipal Court).

How many common pleas judges are in Ohio?

Across the state’s appellate and trial courts, there were seven supreme court justices, 391 court of common pleas judges, and a varying number of court of appeals judges.

Who is Stephanie Mingo?

Judge Stephanie Mingo was appointed then elected Judge of the Franklin County Municipal Court Environmental Division in 2019. She is the 4th Judge elected to serve in the Division that was created in 1996.

Who are the judges in Columbus Ohio?


Judges CRD Phone Number
Hon. James L. Graham Denise Shane 614-719-3205
Hon. Norah McCann King Spencer Harris 614-719-3027
Hon. Elizabeth A. Preston Deavers Sherry Nichols 614-719-3461
Hon. Kimberly A. Jolson Jessica Rector 614-719-3026

What does Franklin County Municipal Court do?

The Franklin County Municipal Court provides justice and resolves disputes in a fair, accessible, and courteous manner and serves as a resource to the community it serves.

Can you get married at the Franklin County Courthouse?

Civil marriage ceremonies are performed at the Duty Judge’s discretion Monday through Friday, except for holidays, 9-10 AM and 2-3 PM by appointment only. Prior to the cermony, a processing fee of $25 must be paid on the 3rd floor of the Civil Division at 375 S. High St., Columbus, OH 43215.

Which method of judge selection is used in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, the judiciary is chosen through partisan elections. Partisan elections involve judges political party to be listed on the ballot. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not always elected judges through this process.

How many judges are in the Cuyahoga County court of Common Pleas?

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas
Judges: 49
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Judicial selection
Method: Nonpartisan election of judges