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Which political party was in control in 2001?

Which political party was in control in 2001?


Congress House Majority Presidency
105th (1997–1999) Republicans Democrat (Clinton)
106th (1999–2001) Republicans Democrat (Clinton)
107th (2001–2003) Republicans Republican (G.W. Bush)
108th (2003–2005) Republicans Republican (G.W. Bush)

Why was the International Monetary Fund criticized for its handling of the Argentine case in 2001?

The International Monetary Fund was too lenient for too long with Argentina and made a series of mistakes in the 1990’s that contributed to that country’s spectacular economic implosion in late 2001, according to a report released on Thursday.

Who controlled Congress 1932?

Congress Overview Democrats won the White House and the Senate, and added to their House majority after the landslide 1932 election. The 73rd Congress (1933–1935) passed an extraordinary burst of legislation to combat the immediate economic chaos of the Great Depression during President Franklin D.

Who was in government in 2001?

2001 United Kingdom general election

Leader Tony Blair William Hague
Party Labour Conservative
Leader since 21 July 1994 19 June 1997
Leader’s seat Sedgefield Richmond (Yorks)
Last election 418 seats, 43.2% 165 seats, 30.7%

Why did Argentina default on its debt in 2001?

A severe devaluation of the Argentine Peso, caused by high inflation, an increase in the price of the US dollar at local markets and other international factors led to the country a monetary crisis.

How many times has the IMF helped Argentina?

Argentina joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on September 20, 1956 and has since participated in 21 IMF Arrangements. The first Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) began on December 2, 1958, and the most recent Stand-By Arrangement began on June 20, 2018, and will expire on June 19, 2021.

What party controlled the Senate in 1912?

In the 1912 and 1913 United States Senate elections, Democrats gained control of the Senate from the Republicans. Of the 32 seats up for election, 17 were won by Democrats, thereby gaining 4 seats from the Republicans.

Who controlled the Senate in 1931?

The Senate had a Republican majority. The House started with a very slim Republican majority, but by the time it first met in December 1931, the Democrats had gained a majority through special elections.