Which of the following group have the highest voter turnout quizlet?

Which of the following group have the highest voter turnout quizlet?

Voter turnout is typically highest among citizens 60 and older.

Which of the following is the most accurate statement about voters aged 18 to 20?

Which of the following is the MOST ACCURATE statement about voters aged 18-20? Members of this age group have shown themselves to be less likely to vote than any other age group. Which item completes the chart? “To be successful, propaganda must be presented in simple, interesting, and credible terms.

Who casts the electoral votes in each state?

Choosing each State’s electors is a two-part process. First, the political parties in each State choose slates of potential electors sometime before the general election. Second, during the general election, the voters in each State select their State’s electors by casting their ballots.

When did the 2012 election results come out?

“ Presidential Race – 2012 Election Center.” CNN December 10, 2012. January 10, 2013. Final exit poll results from interviews of randomly selected voters as they exited voting places across the country on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin polls included telephone interviews with early voters.

What happened to voter turnout in 2012?

A cliff-hanger presidential election, major issues at stake, an estimated $6 billion spent in the 2012 campaigns, and a significant increase in eligible voters all failed to sustain the upward momentum for turnout from 2004 and 2008. Voter turnout dipped from 62.3 percent of eligible citizens voting in 2008 to an estimated 57.5 in 2012.

Did white voters vote more strongly Republican in 2012?

White voters did vote more strongly Republican in 2012, but this was offset by reduced turnout The result, of course, was Obama wins in both 2008 and 2012. But how much of this is due to the rise in minority turnout and decline in turnout for whites?

What is the black voter turnout rate in the US?

The black turnout rates of 64.7 percent and 66.2 percent in the past two elections were the highest since 1968 when Census surveys began. Hispanic and Asian turnout improved markedly after 2004. For both groups, turnouts for the 2008 and 2012 elections were higher than any year since 1992.