Which movie is based on 1962 war?

Which movie is based on 1962 war?

1962: The War in the Hills
Based on China-India War
Written by Mahesh Manjrekar
Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar
Starring Abhay Deol Sumeet Vyas Akash Thosar Rohan Gandotra Mahie Gill

Which areas of India did China claim in 1962?

Sino-Indian War

Date 20 October – 21 November 1962 (1 month and 1 day)
Location Aksai Chin, North-East Frontier Agency and Assam
Result Chinese victory China consolidates position in Aksai Chin and advances to the 1960 claim line Status quo ante bellum in Assam Himalaya

Which movie is Indo China war based on?

Paltan ( transl. Platoon; Hindi pronunciation: [pəlʈən]) is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language action-war film written, directed and produced by J. P. Dutta, based on 1967 Nathu La and Cho La clashes along the Sikkim border after 1962 Sino-Indian War.

Where is Rezang La?

Ladakh, India

Rezang La
Elevation 5,500 m (18,045 ft)
Location Ladakh, India
Range Himalaya, Ladakh Range
Coordinates 33°25′08″N 78°50′58″ECoordinates: 33°25′08″N 78°50′58″E

Where was 1962 Shot?

Rohan Gandotra recalls his experience of shooting for his first web series 1962: The War in the Hills in harsh weather conditions in Ladakh. The Indo-China war drama will premiere on Disney+Hotstar VIP on February 26.

Is Paltan based on real story?

Paltan: The incredible real life story of the 1967 war between India and China that inspired JP Dutta’s latest film.

How many Indian and Chinese soldiers died in 1962?

In the war in these treacherous terrains, 722 PLA soldiers were killed and around 1,400 wounded, while the Indian death toll stood at 1,383, and 1,047 were wounded. Besides, 1,696 Indians went missing and over 400 taken as prisoners of war.