Which is the coldest place in Bihar today?

Which is the coldest place in Bihar today?

Gaya was the coldest place in Bihar on Sunday at 2.7 degree Celsius, which was 6 degrees below its normal minimum temperature, Patna Meteorological Centre said.

What is the normal temperature of Bihar?

Bihar is one of the coldest regions in India with an average daily high temperature of only 26 degrees centigrade. The climate is very warm with an annual average of 26 degrees, but has few truly tropical and sultry months.

What is the climate of Bihar today?

Today’s temperature in Patna is 21°c.

What is the maximum and minimum temperature of Bihar?

Climate of Bihar

12 24 9 9.9 26 11 83 32 21
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm

How many degrees Celsius are there in Bihar?

Today’s Weather

Time Feels Rain
Morning 17 °c 17 °c 0.0 mm
Afternoon 34 °c 32 °c 0.0 mm
Evening 24 °c 24 °c 0.0 mm
Night 21 °c 21 °c 0.0 mm

Why is Gaya so hot?

Gaya, being located in tropical region, experiences hot summers. The maximum temperature goes up to 45 ºC. You must carry light cotton clothes while traveling to Gaya during summer months….Gaya Weather.

Summer: Max 44.5 ºC; Min 20.5 ºC
Clothing: Cotton clothes during summer and woolen during winters.

Which is the hottest place in Bihar?

Aurangabad remained the hottest place in the state with the maximum temperature at 42.3 degrees C. Bhagalpur was the second hottest place with 41.4 degrees C. Similarly, the maximum temperature at Chhapra and Gaya were recorded at 40.6 degrees C and 40.9 degrees C, respectively.

Which is the hottest district of Bihar?

Bhagalpur and Rohtas remained the warmest places in the state with mean maximum temperature of 28°C.