Which is the best ghd to get?

Which is the best ghd to get?

Best ghd straighteners: our verdict

  1. ghd Platinum+ Best ghd straightener overall.
  2. ghd Original IV. Bestselling ghd straightener.
  3. ghd Unplugged. Best cordless ghd straightener.
  4. ghd Gold. Best GHD straightener for curling and waving hair.
  5. ghd Max. Best ghd straightener for thick or long hair.
  6. ghd Mini.

Are GHDs better than Cloud 9?

ghd Gold Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners. It beats Cloud Nine by a fraction. We love the temperature settings on Cloud Nine but don’t want to take the risk of scalding our colour. Factor in the slightly more expensive price for Cloud Nines, and it’s ghds all the way for us.

What other straighteners are as good as GHDs?

Remington Ceramic Straighteners S3500. Best Budget Hair Straighteners.

  • Dyson Corrale Hair Straighteners.
  • T3 Single Pass X Hair Straighteners.
  • Remington Titanium Ceramic Hair Straighteners.
  • GHD Original Styler.
  • Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Straighteners.
  • GHD Platinum+ Styler.
  • Cloud Nine Original Iron.
  • What’s the difference between ghd original and gold?

    With the same great technology as the Classic but with significantly wider plates, the ghd V Gold Max Styler can tackle even the thickest and most unruly hair with ease. If you have long hair, then you’ll also love how quickly the wider plates will glide through your locks, cutting down on your styling time.

    Which ghd is better platinum or gold?

    The Platinum+ definitely has a silkier feel than the Gold when gliding through the locks, making this one of the best straighteners for curly hair. While unique wishbone hinge makes for more control over the hair when styling.

    Is Remington better than ghd?

    Lots of reviewers say this Remington straightener is great value for money and they are recommended by the majority of people who try them. Some people have even said they are better than GHD. The oil-infused plates are loved by many – apparently, they leave your hair looking super shiny.

    Is GHD gold better than platinum?

    It beats its newer Platinum+ sister by a hair for being more versatile and easier to use when it comes to styling your hair in any way that’s not straight. Given that the ghd Golds are typically cheaper vs Platinum+ and it now comes in a gorgeous new pink colour, for us, it’s ghd Gold Styler all the way.